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Alaric: a Roman-Barbarian King

Alaric was born among the Visigoths, a Germanic people who had migrated towards the  borders of the Roman Empire, and in particular, was a member of the Tervingi tribe, the same tribe that had defeated the imperial armies at Adrianople (378 AD). 547 more words


The Originals Season 4 Gets Pushed Back and Other Updates. Also Watch the Extended Trailer.

Calling all The Originals fans, Mylittleblogofeverything brings you the latest updates on the upcoming season. It is definitely going to be an eventful one! 224 more words


Alaric the Visigoth

Alaric the Visigoth was a chief who was made king by the Visigoths who settled in Rome east of the Danube. Alaric ruled from 394-410. … 293 more words

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Name Spotlight: Alaric

A name with a history spanning nearly 2 millennia, now in the spotlight thanks to a vampire hunter from a popular fantasy-drama series.


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Migration Fest - Capitol Theater, Olympia, August 13, 2016

Do the other blogs have reviews for all three days of the northwest’s, newest, face-meltingest extreme metal festival that they all posted much sooner than a month after the event? 927 more words

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Concert Review: Migration Fest, Part 2

Keeping the recaps and highlights of this past August’s Migration Fest moving along, we move on to our (my) second installment… you can catch the first part… 838 more words


The Perils of Popular History: The Swerve -- Greenblatt on Lucretius [2011 CE]

Stephen Greenblatt is a learned Harvard University professor specializing in the Renaissance and Shakespeare. In 2011 CE he won a National Book Award and in 2012 he won a Pulitzer Prize for The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. 588 more words