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Episode 001 - The end of the end and the beginning of the beginning

In this episode we go back before the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 to focus on three key events and names: Alaric, Attila and Odoacer. 8 more words


You may be the last one.

Timeline/World: Iais’i
Characters: Alaric
Race: Iais’ian – Water Tribe
Age: 28
Final Word Count: 503 words

There are some memories of his time away. Most are gone, faded and out of reach but some remain, fuzzy and on the edge of his mind, trying to reach clarity but never quite making it there. 475 more words

Daily Prompts

#415 - A History of the Catholic Church - The Sack of Rome

Alaric sacks the city of Rome. Augustine justifies the use of force to convert the Donatists to Catholicism.


Image of Christians of Rome saving holy vessels from Alaric and the Visigoths… 69 more words


#414 - A History of the Catholic Church - The Fall of Stilicho

The Western Empire faces barbarian invasions and civil war. The Eastern treatment of Chrysostom breaks the Church in two.


Possible image of Stilicho and his family… 39 more words


Galla Placidia, queen, empress, regent

Galla Placidia was daughter of Theodosius I (379-395) from his second marriage to Galla (ca. 375-394), daughter of Valentinian I. She was born in 388 and was the half-sister of the emperors Honorius (393-423) and Arcadius (383-408). 858 more words