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40. Pope St. Innocent I 401-417

BARBARIANS AT THE GATES!! Literally. There were barbarians at the gates of Rome as the city was invaded by Visigoths led by King Alaric I in the year 408. 178 more words

Character Introduction: The Maker Part II

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So, I forgot to mention a couple of details that I think are important when introducing a character and that would be all of their physical attributes. 761 more words


Theo, Clary, Alaric and Simon on Set

Ari (Theo) Kat (Clary) Joel (Alaric) and Alberto (Simon)

Casting news on Vampire Diaries and Originals plus information on Alaric!

Hi Vamps,

We have some new information on casting and an interview with Jule Plec regarding Alaric’s Season 7 arc.

The interview with Julie Plec regarding Alaric can be found over at… 220 more words

The Originals

369-446: The Roman Withdrawal

After a half decade of brutal and co-ordinated raiding from overseas, Emperor Theodosius the Great restored order in Britain in 369. The next great crisis will shift us like a pendulum from external threat to internal rebellion once again. 669 more words

Roman Empire

Lay Of The Land

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Today I’m going to give you an introduction to one of the main cities within my novel. This city is one of the most prosperous and vibrant provinces contained within Algain…or at least it was. 633 more words