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The Perils of Popular History: The Swerve -- Greenblatt on Lucretius [2011 CE]

Stephen Greenblatt is a learned Harvard University professor specializing in the Renaissance and Shakespeare. In 2011 CE he won a National Book Award and in 2012 he won a Pulitzer Prize for The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. 588 more words

Ultramarine: Black and Blue

“Hey, Lys.” Frey greeted sweeping some silver hair from his eyes as he watched the blue Miqo’te walk past. She’d  been tucked into the side of the Highlander boy she used to play on the docks with all those years ago. 1,085 more words

Final Fantasy

The History of the Goths: From Alaric to Wallia

This post is the last entry into the history of the Goths, which started with a description of their potential origin and the banality and irrelevance of the question. 9,274 more words

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Best of 2016 So Far: Tenebrous Kate's List

It’s clear to all and sundry who follow metal review sites that 2016 has been another bang-up year for extreme music. Hardcore-inflected brutality, slickly produced progressive epics, and mind-bending tech-death journeys have had reviewers swooning with delight. 515 more words


Best of 2016, Q2: Literati Overlord's List

With June winding down (already, somehow), it’s time to start looking back at the past quarter and highlight some of the better albums that have dropped. 679 more words

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Alaric is an ancient name that, although rare, may soon be popular.  In the U.S., the name has mostly experienced a gradual uptick over decades.  But between 2009 and 2015, there’s been an baby boom of them.  279 more words

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