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Tuskers of Karnataka

India is a land of contrasts. One of the biggest testimonies to this fact is the plight of elephants in our country. Revered as god this species is older than history and has weathered many a seasons of evolution but today it faces an uncertain future and sadly humans own the copyright to the decadence of its numbers. 697 more words



There is a language that finds expression beyond words. While, we the Homo sapiens have apparently outrun the other species in terms of evolution an overwhelming sense of controlling nature has consumed us. 174 more words


Ranthambore 2015 - Insight into the Wilderness

It is 4.00 pm on the afternoon of 23 rd May. I am in the sitting area with two of my colleagues and a bunch of kids, waiting restlessly. 1,219 more words



“Research on elephant behavior has shown that playbacks of African bees can produce alarm calls and retreat in African elephants frog playbacks protect water towers, as frogs can reportedly get stuck in an elephant’s trunk while drinking.” ( 43 more words

My guilty pleasure 

Now most people who know me well would be able to tell you my guilty pleasure!

It’s Chas n Dave’s – ain’t no pleasing you! Click on the link & listen, I dare you not to like it… 128 more words

Slimming World

Wild Valley Farm/Sathyamangalam TR, Mar '15

Trip Report:          Wild Valley Farm, Germalam/Sathyamangalam TR

Dates:                   13-14 Mar 2015

Camp:                   Wild Valley Farm, Germalam

A small team of people from across cities was meeting on Thursday in my office at Bangalore. 648 more words

Indian Wildlife

Deceptive Drongos

Fork-tailed drongos (Dicrurus adsimilis) are notorious tricksters. Hailing from sub-Saharan Africa, these glossy-black birds routinely accompany groups of foraging meerkats or pied babblers, providing these animals with an early warning system by sounding the alarm when predators approach. 402 more words

Evolution And Behaviour