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Early Rising

Mornings are getting darker…
The reminder couldn’t be starker
That summer is fading
(And so am I)
There’s really no point in trying to deny… 47 more words

The 'Soul' Entity

An Account of Black Panther Sighting at Kabini

I think the picture is a summary of a timeless moment from the wild. The more you resign to the forest, you are embraced deeper as it opens up its secret to you. 423 more words


Tuskers of Karnataka

India is a land of contrasts. One of the biggest testimonies to this fact is the plight of elephants in our country. Revered as god this species is older than history and has weathered many a seasons of evolution but today it faces an uncertain future and sadly humans own the copyright to the decadence of its numbers. 697 more words



There is a language that finds expression beyond words. While, we the Homo sapiens have apparently outrun the other species in terms of evolution an overwhelming sense of controlling nature has consumed us. 174 more words