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Painting: High Five?

A Study of Mid-Century Modern art…

My inspiration was the artist Josef Albers, particularly his Interaction of Color work.

In this painting (c. 1950) I love the possibilities for exploring color with overlapping squares & rectangles. 140 more words


Homage to the Square

Did you know that Josef Albers meticulously listed the specific manufacturer’s colors and varnished used on the back of his works?

Albers is famous for his “Homage to the Square” series in which he explored chromatic interactions. 41 more words

Emotional State of the Atom

An illustration that breaks down the emotions of an atom.

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Abstract Expressionism: Josef Albers

Josef Albers’ experimentation with colour collaboration and geometric shapes changed the modern Art scene, offering an alternative to Abstract Expressionism and inspiring other movements such as Geometric Abstraction and Colour Field Painting. 198 more words