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Pixar reveals plot and cast for Finding Dory

Next summer brings the release of Finding Dory, the long-awaited sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo. In anticipation, cast and crew members previewed the film during Disney’s annual D23 Expo on Friday. 169 more words


Albert Brooks' THE MUSE (1999) - Comedy inspired by the gods

I will admit my bias right up front: If I had to make a list of reasons I’m glad I’m alive, comedian-writer-director Albert Brooks would surely be in my top ten. 461 more words


#3: Drive (2011)

Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 crime-thriller Drive is my favorite film of the decade so far. I remember the first time I watched it with my best friends in college. 678 more words


Film of the Week | Drive

Author | Justis Gyori

It’s been sometime since my first run-through of Drive (roughly two or three years); and although I really really enjoyed it, the overall level of appreciation was simply not there due mainly to a bad viewing experience. 328 more words

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'How My Imagination Works' by Nicholas L. Garrett

The following is an intro story just to show how my imagination works most of the time; it’s also an introduction to four fictional characters who play main roles in their respective series’ ( 1,870 more words

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Sick in the Head: Conversations about Life and Comedy

I have always been fascinated with interviews of my favorite authors and actors. These people create worlds or characters that seem so lifelike and pure, but we never get to glimpse the creative mind behind them. 914 more words


Albert Brooks May Be The Most Versatile Guest Star In 'Simpsons' History

While never an official cast member, Albert Brooks has undeniably been an essential part of The Simpsons. Over the course of the show’s run, he’s given us many hilarious characters that, despite only appearing once or twice, will be remembered forever. 690 more words