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The Stake Podcast - Broadcast News

Broadcast News is an 80s classic that doesn’t get watched much today. ZF, Andrew, and Erv dig in to find out why, and tell you why this whip-smart and heartfelt dramedy about the lives and loves of the people who work in the TV news biz is one that you should revisit, or watch for the very first time—and soon. 41 more words

Stake Podcast

Cannes Film Review: 'The Little Prince'

Any animated feature screening in Cannes in the wake of Pixar’s universally adored “Inside Out” was bound to seem like an anticlimax. And when the movie in question happens to be an adaptation of one of the most beloved children’s novels of all time, the potential for disappointment looms especially large. 1,030 more words


RIORI Vol. 3, Installment 6: JC Chandor’s "A Most Violent Year" (2014)

The Players:

Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo, Alessandro Nivola and Albert Brooks.

The Plot:

When successful businessman Abel Morales is up against the wall regarding his dwindling fortunes due to extortion, he has to make a tough decision. 5,638 more words


A Most Violent Year, Review

Director: J.C. Chandor Starring: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain & David Oyelowo Synopsis: In New York City 1981, an ambitious immigrant fights to protect his business and family during the most dangerous year in the city’s history… 564 more words

Film Review

A Most Violent Year - Review

Starring: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo, Albert Brooks, Alessandro Nivola, Elyes Gabel
Written for the screen and directed by: J.C. Chandor
Metacritic Score: 79… 989 more words


Aaaah-ruba (Part 4 and Last)

Okay, let’s wrap this tale up as it doesn’t seem to hold anyone’s attention. My final stretch in my trip to Aruba couldn’t be less anticlimactic and unexciting. 560 more words

Drive (2011) Gosling and Refn in First Partnership (Review/Trailer)

The 2011 Ryan Gosling film Drive, which was his first partnership with Nicholas Winding Refn, is a compelling film that grips the viewer and plunges them into the monosyllabic world of Gosling’s nameless character. 529 more words