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Aaaah-ruba (Part 4 and Last)

Okay, let’s wrap this tale up as it doesn’t seem to hold anyone’s attention. My final stretch in my trip to Aruba couldn’t be less anticlimactic and unexciting. 560 more words

Drive (2011) Gosling and Refn in First Partnership (Review/Trailer)

The 2011 Ryan Gosling film Drive, which was his first partnership with Nicholas Winding Refn, is a compelling film that grips the viewer and plunges them into the monosyllabic world of Gosling’s nameless character. 529 more words



///- great cast but didn’t move me like Chandor’s previous work

'I get crazy': Albert Brooks 'can't take global warming advice from' celebs who do this

Sick and tired of self-important celebs lecturing you on the dangers of climate change while luxury-jet-setting all over the place? You’re not alone. You’ve got a friend in Albert Brooks: 74 more words



This is a new 12″ by 24″ painting on canvas that, for the moment, I am calling Deliberations.  I finished it yesterday and have been looking at it ever since, trying to decipher what it is that I am seeing in it, why it is pulling me in,  Something very cryptic in it– perhaps it’s the birds or the Red Chair or the stubbed off tree limbs– that fills me with questions. 280 more words

Recent Paintings

Best Shot: Taxi Driver

Finding the “best” shot from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver is downright impossible. Filmed by Michael Chapman, the movie is basically made up of perfect frames, over 150,000 of them. 294 more words



“The result is never in question, just the path you take to get there.”

Set in New York in 1981, this masterpiece tells the story of Abel, a business-man in the oil industry trying to expand and grow his trade. 624 more words