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Stuff Nationalism

In my view Nationalism is a harmful and divisive philosophy and the retreat of the petty. I am not talking here about natural patriotism, because that is something quite different. 269 more words
George Orwell


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Albert Einstein

Do we know what these words really mean?

There have been a couple of words that I’ve come across lately which I feel we pretend to understand but don’t really delve into their actual meanings and therefore lose out on some important aspects of these words so today I’m going to present the words I’ve been thinking of and give some definitions of them and explore them a little more than we typically would when hearing them spoken. 382 more words

Look Deep

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein


Psychic ability and creativity

It has always been the arts and eloquent artistic expression that have given us food for thought, voiced our innermost longings and given us pause when questionable ways of being were accepted by the mainstream in society. 652 more words