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Defending Science

Scores of independent scientific advisors to the EPA were recently told that their membership on the Board of Scientific Counselors would not be renewed in August. 318 more words

Deduke men a selanna

The astronomers land on the moon two separate times. Or at least we see their capsule hit the moon two separate times. The first time, the camera seems to track forward as the celestial body emerges from among silvery clouds, and presently we can see that it has eyes and a mouth, a grandfatherly face whose expression of serenity is shaken when the capsule plows into its right eye, popping it like a zit. 794 more words

A Trip To The Moon

Welcome to the Science enthusiast!

I’ve always been interested in Science. Ever since the second grade. Or was that the third grade? Actually I think it was the third grade. But now I’m going into the sixth grade, so obviously I know more about Science then I did. 331 more words

Albert Einstein

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” ―Albert Einstein


5 Star Shameless Name Dropping Tour of Princeton

On this scenic 3 mile stroll, you’ll learn the chronological history of Princeton University while seeing all the essential sites on Princeton campus – including Nassau Hall, Princeton Chapel, Prospect Garden, Blair Hall and Rockefeller College. 106 more words

E=mc2 and all that jazz


by Albert Einstein

Considering the number of books I’ve read about Einstein’s theories of Relativity, and about Einstein himself, it’s surprising I didn’t acquire this one until quite recently. 895 more words

Book Review

Turning my inquisitiveness into something from nothing

Hello! I’m a 17 year old girl just beginning the summer before my senior year of high school :) While deciding what to do with my spare time during the two-months-break, I got a sudden urge to start a blog dedicated to physics (w/ a focus on space?) and further understanding this strange world we live in. 376 more words

Albert Einstein