Lawsuit alleging Soulpepper co-founder Albert Schultz sexually harassed multiple women 'resolved': lawyer

TORONTO — Legal actions against the Soulpepper Theatre Company and its co-founder, Albert Schultz, over sexual-harassment allegations have been “resolved,” representatives said Wednesday.

A lawyer representing Schultz tells The Canadian Press that lawsuits alleging he sexually harassed multiple actresses have been settled in a way that is “satisfactory” to his client. 460 more words


How Jian Ghomeshi Imprisoned My Blog for Over Two Years [and Albert Schultz Liberated It]

Okay, lie. Sort of. Jian Ghomeshi didn’t do that.

But in March 2016, getting ready to plot my next post, I discovered that my previously “fave new radio host” – the guy whom I, as a devoted listener, hoped might be taking CBC radio back from decades of redneck government budget-hackers and CBC-haters – seemed suddenly to be tanking at interviews. 1,955 more words

Jonathan Kay: Why a murderer may have a better future than a #MeToo accused

A few months ago, I helped get a book contract for a friend, who is a convicted murderer. The killing in question was a settling of accounts among petty criminals back in the 1980s. 1,320 more words

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Groomed for it

by Kasey Dunn, http://www.brickandmortartoronto.com

I could have been one of the four women who came forward from Soulpepper to call for an end to the abuse in their workplace. 1,652 more words


Why the Soulpepper Four skipped the cops and went after Albert Schultz in civil court

Perhaps the most curious aspect of the shocking allegations against Soulpepper Theatre actor and founder, Albert Schultz, is how someone accused of being a “serial sexual predator” faces not one iota of criminal jeopardy. 662 more words

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Jonathan Kay: Not so long ago male creative geniuses were permitted to act like pigs. It was almost expected

Even many Torontonians who don’t attend live theatre would recognize Albert Schultz. At galas, fundraisers and charity auctions, the Soulpepper Theatre founding director has been a fixture for years. 1,503 more words

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'The implication that we're ruining something is why it's so hard': Albert Schultz plaintiffs on stepping forward

It’s half-past eleven on Thursday morning in the cramped, narrow boardroom of a downtown Toronto law office. Hannah Miller, one of four women suing Soulpepper Theatre Company and artistic director Albert Schultz for sexual harassment, takes a seat at the centre of a long table. 1,006 more words