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Yale lecture: Krier on Speer

Léon Krier does not seem to dislike modern architecture as much as I do, but he may dislike it with much more passion. The architectural theorist, master planner of Prince Charles’s new town Poundbury, and practitioner of his own edgy brand of classicism finds it easier to find a way to praise some early modernists that I find it easier to deplore, even Corbusier and Mies. 543 more words


The Power of Propaganda in the Hearts of True Believers

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

A number of days ago I wrote an article about the dehumanization of people and genocide. Since I am a historian and much of my undergraduate and graduate work focused on German history, particularly that of Imperial Germany after the unification, the Weimar Republic, and the Nazi Reich, I draw a lot of lessons from the period. 1,644 more words


Das Bunker

Ever wondered what happened to the architects of Germany’s Atlantic Wall? They found employment as instructors at the School of Teutonic Design (STD).  Armed with a straight rule, pencil and a love of concrete the graduates of this esteemed organisation have gone on to blight landscapes all over the world. 464 more words

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The Last Days of Hitler

Title:                      The Last Days of Hitler

Author:                  H. R. Trevor-Roper

Trevor-Roper, H. R. (1947). The Last Days of Hitler. London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd… 1,256 more words

World War II

Adolf Hitler with Wini Wagner in Bayreuth in 1937. These were taken by Wieland Wagner, who snapped this photo of Albert Speer the same day: 32 more words

Hitler in rapid decline in 1943. Albert Speer is on the right. He was the most profound, nuanced and interesting male relationship that Hitler ever experienced in his life. No other man comes close.

Nuremberg – Nazi Rally Grounds and Courtroom 600

Nuremberg, or Nurnberg as the locals call it, became the city of the Nazi party rallies for the Third Reich and, as I am parked on the edge of the 11 square kms which make up the former rally grounds, it seems silly not to take a look. 787 more words

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