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Teufelsberg: Spies & hippies on top of WW2 rubble

BERLIN The Teufelsberg or ‘Devils Mountain’ in German is named after Teufelssee: a lake just to its South. Standing 120.1 meters, it is considered the highest ‘natural’ point of Berlin. 676 more words

Biking Through History

Architectural determinism and airports.

“There is no doubt whatever about the influence of architecture and structure upon human character and action. We make our buildings and afterwards they make us. 647 more words

Book Review: ‘Inside the Third Reich: memoirs’ by Albert Speer.

‘Inside the Third Reich: memoirs’ is a semi-autographic text of the memoirs of Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler’s chief architect and the Minister of Armaments and War Production for the Third Reich from 1942 to 1945. 3,231 more words

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Book Review: Inside the Third Reich

Albert Speer was an actual, literal, piece of shit.

And, yes, I am aware I have abused the word “literal” here. But my point stands. Albert Speer was a literal walking piece of fecal matter. 1,037 more words

Book Review

Adolf Hitler's pitiless indifference to the suffering of the Wehrmacht 7th November 1942

The table was elegantly set with silver cutlery, cut glass, good china and flower arrangements. As we began our ample meal, none of us at first saw that a freight train was stopped on the adjacent track. 87 more words


"It Is Not Truth Which Matters, But Victory"

In general, I don’t think it’s fruitful to spend a lot of time trying to figure Adolf Hitler out.

I certainly understand the impulse: when we discover monsters in our midst, we are strongly motivated to examine them carefully.   682 more words


The sneakiest nazi :: Albert Speer

He was one of Hitler’s architect. At a certain point even his favorite architect, in charge of rebuilding Berlin. The city was to be renamed Germania and it would be full of buildings that would dwarf any giant structured that had come before. 700 more words

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