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Adolf Hitler with Wini Wagner in Bayreuth in 1937. These were taken by Wieland Wagner, who snapped this photo of Albert Speer the same day: 32 more words

Hitler in rapid decline in 1943. Albert Speer is on the right. He was the most profound, nuanced and interesting male relationship that Hitler ever experienced in his life. No other man comes close.

Nuremberg – Nazi Rally Grounds and Courtroom 600

Nuremberg, or Nurnberg as the locals call it, became the city of the Nazi party rallies for the Third Reich and, as I am parked on the edge of the 11 square kms which make up the former rally grounds, it seems silly not to take a look. 787 more words

European Nomad

Adolf Hitler in 1938 with his adored architect, Albert Speer. His famous line was, “

“If Hitler had any friends at all, I certainly would have been one of his closest friends…”

Hitler with Albert Speer in Nuremberg in 1936. Speer elicited an almost  pathological envy among Hitler’s entourage. He held a special position and was allowed privileges nobody else could dream of. 79 more words


The last day has dawned. Since I drew up those statistics I have tramped an additional 114 kilometres. In a moment I am going into the garden and will cover another ten kilometres, so that I shall be ending my walk at kilometre 31,936.

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I have a new idea to make myself exercise regularly to the point of exhaustion: I have begun, along with the garden work, to walk the distance from Berlin to Heidelberg – 626 kilometres!

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