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Legal profession loses cherished judge who helped shape the post-Charter world

It’s hard to fathom how different the legal profession might be today for Albertans and the rest of Canadians, for that matter, if not for the gigantic footprints left behind by James Herbert (Herb) Laycraft over a momentous four-decade career as a litigator and judge. 877 more words


The Gargoyle: New Supreme Court appointee blogged on Khadr, called Trudeau 'unspeakably awful,' hoped for Harper majority

Prime Minister’s Stephen Harper’s latest appointment to the Supreme Court was a prolific blogger who regularly offered opinions on Senate reform, the federal government’s role in health care, elections law, the Omar Khadr case and other matters that could now come before him in his new role on the bench. 1,670 more words


Appeal court upholds infanticide convictions and rejects murder trial for Meredith Borowiec

Meredith Katharine Borowiec will not have to face a new trial on two counts of second-degree murder for disposing of two newborn babies in a dumpster shortly after giving birth in 2008 and 2009. 1,028 more words

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Fortney: Crown appeals verdict in child's death

It was a murder case almost too painful to even hear about, the victim at its centre an adorable six-year-old girl who was tortured to death for four days, a brutally beaten prisoner in the home of the man she should have been able to trust with her life. 730 more words

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Appeal court upholds manslaughter conviction for 'cruel' beating

The province’s top court has unanimously upheld the manslaughter conviction against a Calgary man in the vicious robbery and beating death of Daniel Levesque at his home nearly seven years ago. 426 more words

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Court dismisses appeal by man who killed cat during sex ritual

A 21-year-old city man must serve his 20-month jail sentence for the sadistic killing of a cat during a sexual ritual nearly three years ago. 347 more words


High court rules in child porn consent case

OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has ordered a new trial in the case of two Edmonton men who made child pornography after videotaping two 14-year-old girls performing sex acts. 479 more words