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(Ch. 6) The Power and Math of Comedy

How do you measure something as complex and personal as humour? Researchers from the University of Alberta have developed the first mathematical method of doing just that—and it might not be quite as personal as we think, says U of A psychology professor Chris Westbury. 191 more words


When We Fail Ourselves

I just came home from a coffee date with a friend whom is a survivor of #metoo via a shitty relationship and lack of his boundaries. 792 more words


One picture says it all

We are, right now, experiencing a real political crisis in Canada because the prime minister and his inner circle got all exited about the criminal case being made against one (admittedly large and important) Québec company, … 1,039 more words

Justin Trudeau

365 Canadian Sights | Day 82: The Drumheller Hoodoos

Just saying hoodoos might be enough for some people to know exactly what and where I’m talking about. While Alberta’s badlands have hoodoos in a few places, and while the word hoodoo actually refers to a geological formation found worldwide, when I say hoodoo today, we’re talking about the hoodoos on Hoodoo Trail near Drumheller. 305 more words

365 Sights


I tutor high school students. And, when I’m tutoring them, the
first thing I ask is: How do you feel
about English?
And, inevitably, we start talking about Shakespeare. 737 more words


"Swellumbrella" by Envision Audio

Calgarian sound scientist Mack MacDougall has styled us a perpetually gorgeous
meditative ambient long-form work of 42 minutes, growing blooms of mythos and pathos, producing senses of wonderful discovery and peaceful drifting, and cultivating a safe sonic shelter to be lost oneself, all within the sensational tactile folds of his effective concoctions guitar loop and effect. 8 more words


Winter dusk with a great gray owl

By the time we found this great gray owl in the late afternoon, it had already been a wonderful day of owls.  This grey was the first of three that flew and hunted on the edge of the forest through into night.   178 more words