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Here’s one easy but powerful way to start immediately restoring Alberta’s tax advantage

Until recently, Alberta maintained one of the most competitive tax regimes in North America. In 2014, for instance, the province had the lowest corporate income tax rate and lowest top personal income tax rate in Canada and the United States. 578 more words

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Where No Corn Has Grown Before: Better Living Through Climate Change?

The growing season used to be too short to grow corn in Alberta.  That’s no longer true, according to a front page story in the November 26 Wall Street Journal: “Warming Climate Pushes Corn North.”  Thanks to climate change, a warming planet means longer growing seasons, making it practical for Canadian farmers to raise corn. 13 more words

Podcast Episode 39: Miss Mercer

Today I talked with the local Edmonton rapper Miss Mercer. We discussed artists, dystopia, beats, dogs and much more, enjoy! : ]

Today’s episode featured music by Miss Mercer, Kryple, Gucci Dove and Slipknot. 6 more words


Culture Shocked In My Home Country

I went home back to the Philippines after five years of being away. In those five years, I have adjusted and familiarized myself in Canada’s way of life. 566 more words

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Merry marijuana: Manitoba and Alberta most likely to gift pot for Christmas this year, survey says

Now that pot is off the naughty list, it may be making it into your stocking this year.

A survey by Lift & Co. found that nearly 3 million Canadians plan to give the gift of cannabis this holiday season. 355 more words


Backpacking Trip

When forest fires in BC closed The Rockwall Trail, our 5-day backpacking trip for August had to undergo a last minute change in location.  Fortunately, one of our group was familiar with a hike in the Bighorn Country, west of Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, that would fill the void.  520 more words