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Anxiety and the Airport

Ok, I have a consistent problem with working at the airport.

I have anxiety, and I have it when there are large crowds or increasing of crowds volume of people and sound. 129 more words

Bringing Digital Concepts to the Real World

Or maybe it is the other way around?

Either way, every now and again I find myself sitting in the middle of nature, with an amazing opportunity to photograph the world around me. 193 more words


Braid: Rig the system, then get free ethics training

They plugged phoney numbers into spreadsheets. They rigged the system so the people they knew — not the best candidates — got the jobs.

And when they were being hunted down, one manager tried to dupe the investigator by forging a document. 638 more words

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Rye Medley: Alberta Rye Dark Batch Review

This tasting/review will kick off a medley of various rye whiskies that I’ve complied over the past few weeks, which includes: Alberta Rye Dark Batch; WhistlePig Old World 12-Year Rye; Highspire Pure Rye; and Crown Royal Rye. 583 more words

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Calgary-based Smoke Eaters deliver the at-times delicate driving pop-rock of Noise as today’s #onegoodthing.

The track has intricate math rock touchpoints, but it’s still an entirely accessible story of being disillusioned on a night out. 28 more words


What's new this year? Check out our Fall 2015 schedule to find out!

Check out our new Fall 2015 timetable. Classes begin Monday September 21. Click on the link below see for yourself!

New courses this year:

ESL 3: This course is an advanced course for students already comfortable communicating fluently in English… 53 more words

A rare warbler

Townsend’s Warbler (Setophaga townsendi) is not rare in North America but it is not often seen as far east as Calgary. It usually breeds in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon) and winters in Mexico or on the western edge of California. 175 more words

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