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Safe injection sites for oil: Why doesn’t Canada’s harm reduction philosophy also apply to fossil fuels?

Toronto city council voted in favour of a supervised injection site during the summer. Alberta is building a plan to introduce safe injection to combat the fentanyl crisis. 1,125 more words

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Opinion: Time for Alberta to invest in a new kind of energy workforce

As a mechanical engineering technologist who’s been stuck in the boom-and-bust cycles of oil and gas, I’ve come to realize that it’s time for a change. 550 more words


Friday's letters: School board shutdown seems extreme

Re. “Province shuts down Christian school board,” Oct. 26

As a Trinity Christian School/Wisdom Home School parent I was saddened and disturbed by Alberta Education’s swift removal of accreditation for Trinity Christian School and its contracted home-school provider, Wisdom Home Schooling. 728 more words


Dusk Dust


One of Carlson Ag’s combines is working through it’s own dust cloud. The dust is filtering the light of the setting sun, creating soft warm tones.

In the best light…


(Some of) the Red Chairs of Banff National Park

In specially selected spots around several national parks, Parks Canada has installed pairs of red chairs to lure people out into these unique locations. Instantly taken with the concept we planned to scoot round and find as many as we could. 196 more words


Jean: Canada's equalization system is broken, and we need to fix it

By Brian Jean

I believe Alberta should be a fair and compassionate neighbour, but that doesn’t mean continuing to funnel billions of dollars into a broken equalization system every single year. 655 more words