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Mild winter could mean bad year for pine beetles in Alberta

This year’s mild winter could be a setback in controlling pine-gobbling Mountain Pine beetles, say those guarding Alberta’s forests.

Another warm winter could boost the number and spread of Mountain Pine Beetles that have ravaged the province’s pine woodlands and are creeping towards Saskatchewan, said Alberta Agriculture and Forestry official Erica Samis. 305 more words

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Province meets with landowners to discuss inactive wells

Groups representing rural landowners will meet with NDP government MLAs in Strathmore on Friday to discuss concerns over Alberta’s inactive oil and gas wells.

“We’ll be presenting what has gone wrong with the Surface Rights Act and the number of companies that are going into bankruptcy, the number of orphan wells that are coming on every day,” said Don Bester, president of the Alberta Surface Rights Group, which, along with Alberta Action Surface Rights, will meet with up to 11 MLAs. 345 more words

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Ewart: In exceptional times, it's OK to help fund the cleanup of 'old mistakes and failed companies'

The NDP government may be justified in wanting industry to clean up its own messes, but there are environmental and economic reasons to address the growing number of old wells that are a testament to a century of oil and gas development in Alberta. 1,087 more words


Cattle won't drink from water pooled around abandoned gas well

Each fall, water pools around an abandoned gas well on Tony Bruder’s ranch near Twin Butte in southwestern Alberta. The well site occupies about three hectares of land in a field where he keeps 130 head of cattle. 256 more words

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Landowners fight for enforcement of rules at inactive Alberta well sites

Decades before Tony Bruder was ranching in southern Alberta, natural gas wells dotted the rolling landscape.

The series of wells — drilled in the 1950s by British American Oil, later taken over by Gulf Canada and eventually sold off to much smaller companies — tapped into a “sour” gas field that spread under at least 14 ranches in the area, including Bruder’s property near Twin Butte. 776 more words

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Support for a regulated Uber in Alberta: poll

If Canada were a kindergarten class, Alberta would get a gold star for sharing, but not without a few ground rules first.

Researchers at the… 352 more words

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It's Fur-iday!

Catchy title, don’t you think? Logan’s not a big fan of catchy, but he was more open to Fur-iday than Muttday or Fursday. He doesn’t like being referred to as a mutt, so Muttday was out. 621 more words