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Sunday Hikes:  The Johnston Canyon Trail in Banff NP

One of my favorite trails in Banff National Park is the Johnston Canyon Trail. Josh and I had camped at the Johnston Canyon Campground, so the trailhead which is located in the campground was easily accessible to our campsite. 304 more words

National Parks

On Being a "better" landscape photographer

A couple of months ago I tried to log onto my original Facebook account. While doing so I neglected to notice that I had my VPN or virtual private network software running. 858 more words


Aggressive Real Estate: One large home with HELOC vs. Multiple Properties

My objective to a Ferrari by 30 (or, financial freedom for that matter) has revolved around a theoretically simple yet in practice, complex strategy:

Acquire and hold 5 condos (likely in the mid $200,000 – 300,000s), rent out 4, and liquidate in 5 years to re-balance the overall portfolio (when then having more cash would make traditional blue chip stocks produce sizeable cash returns).

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Canada's cow population to hit 27-year low, and it’s (partially) millennials' fault

There are now fewer Canadians cows than at any point since the early 1990s and, according to analysts, it’s partially millennials’ fault.

On Jan. 1, Statistics Canada counted 11,850,000 total cows in Canada — already a 26-year low. 528 more words


Following the buffalo trail

My fourth trip following bison tracks from past to present is over.  The unpacking part starts now:  not just camping and photography gear, field sketches and notes, but also new perspectives and stories from people who know bison history and bison from intense exposure. 464 more words


C-Realming with Dermot O

In fine C-Realm style, Dermot O’Connor and I wiled away over four hours discussing the overlooked primacy of class in politics, the dark side of “meritocracy”, American and British elections, how identity politics is a much shallower layer of the shit lasagna than class, and finally the progress on his upcoming comic novel on the history of inquiry and scientific though. 506 more words