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The Town Founder

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Lyon
192nd (Crow’s Nest Pass) Battalion

A most interesting visitor to Blairmore during the week was Mr. Harry E. Lyon, well known by the real old-timers of the town, having been connected with the drafting of the plans of the original Blairmore, being in real estate and later becoming the town’s first mayor, etc…

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Summer Up Close

I’ve been negligent with blogging this summer, being outside, going to the pool and playing tennis has taken priority over sitting in front of a screen. 211 more words


Coming up ... Drive through the west coast.. LAX to SFO via Mammoth Lakes

Just back from a wonderful trip to the west coast. Still organising my pictures and details, but thought of posting a quick update of what I plan to pen down here in the coming days: 64 more words


Steer wrestling at the Tsuu T'ina rodeo

All rodeo cowboys are tough.  I particularly admire the steer wrestlers as that is an event that I have a hard time even dreaming of trying out.   119 more words


Guys, Friends, Roommates... Well, I moved.

My life just went from simplified to completely complicated in one week.

So last week Friday I found a place to stay for a month, and then me and that person that I will be living with will be moving into a different place come September 1st. 330 more words

Young House Sparrow

There seem to be a lot of young sparrows in the Calgary trees these days. I find them hard to identify based on their plumage. But sometimes I see them with a parent. 10 more words

Adventures And Photography

Young Chipping Sparrow

I mostly see House Sparrows and Black-billed Magpies in residential southwest Calgary but occasionally I will hear and see the smaller Chipping Sparrows. This young Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina) stayed behind when his parent flew away.

Adventures And Photography