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The House

Today I got some things done around our house – still clearing clutter here. Then I went to the house of my cousin-in-law for lunch. We share the same insane sense of humour so it’s always a guaranteed laugh fest. 72 more words


Saskatchewan advantage means oil activity surges while Alberta lags

One mile away from the Alberta border, on land in Saskatchewan owned by the Onion Lake Cree Nation, BlackPearl Resources Inc. is building a second thermal heavy oil project while keeping its larger Alberta opportunities on hold. 1,204 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual (coffee)

With our horses tied up under some shady trees our wrangler makes us some good cowboy-style coffee – not in a pot! My sister and my best friend were on a week’s holiday at ‘Homeplace’, a ranch in the foothills of the Rockies, in Alberta, Canada.

The Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge


We are now using more accurate GPS’ to record our field data. Brian here is testing out the EOS Arrow. It is in the orange and black case attached to his vest. 37 more words


Thursday letters: Bring on the UCP

I’m a Wildrose and PC member who considers the proposed United Conservative Party of Alberta so nice, I’ll vote for it twice. Yes, unification will trigger some old-school “Lake of Fire” Rosies to bolt, while most of the “P”s (proponents of progressive taxes and profligate public spending) on the PC side “P”d off months ago. 574 more words


Three faces of a system’s failure: Children in child advocate's latest report identified

Three First Nation children who died shortly after being returned to their mothers’ care are the subject of Alberta child and youth advocate Del Graff’s latest report. 725 more words

Local News

Alberta ---> British Columbia

Oops, it’s been a whole week since I’ve updated! It’s been a bit crazy, but I’m currently in Vancouver and have slowed down for a minute to write. 1,457 more words