What Happens After the Apocalypse? Find Out in Extinction

Most of the zombie films out there focus on the periods right before and during the zombie apocalypse. There’s of course exceptions like 28 WEEKS LATER, FIDO, and MAGGIE, but what about afterwards. 177 more words

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'Messi,' 'Sandalwood,' 'Fire' Screen at Ventana Sur

Screening at Ventana Sur’s European Day, Alex de la Iglesia’s docu “Messi,” about the Argentine soccer superstar, Maria Ripoll’s Spanish-Indian drama “Traces of Sandalwood” and Luis Marias’ Basque Country-set thriller “Fire” are among major highlights from promotion board Catalan Films & TV’s line-up at the 6th edition of the South American market. 559 more words

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Pantelion Takes ‘Camp’ For North America (EXCLUSIVE)

Riding high after its massive $44 million U.S. gross for Eugenio Derbez’s “Instructions Not Included,” Pantelion Films, a joint venture of Lionsgate and Mexican media corp Televisa, will now distribute English-language horror film “Summer Camp” in North America. 227 more words


Mientras duermes

Mientras duermes (2011)
★★★ / ★★★★

César (Luis Tosar) claims he has never been happy his entire life, not even when good things happen to him. 546 more words

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

GFF 2013 Review: Sleep Tight (2013)

Sleep Tight sees Spanish writer and director Jaume Balagueró step back into the stoplight without co-director Paco Plaze with a markedly different kind of horror film – one set to a slower pace and removed of all-out carnage.  479 more words


Movie Review: Sleep Tight (2012)

Some of you may be familiar with a directing duo that brought REC and REC 2 to the world. The two of them then split off to direct a film on their own- one to direct REC 3: GENESIS (a film I’ve yet to see) and the other to the focus of this review, SLEEP TIGHT. 469 more words

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Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes) Review

It’s not the bed bugs you should be wary of.

The creative minds behind the harrowing and brilliantly executed REC franchise return with another addition to the horror genre. 425 more words

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