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The Arts of Logistics - Queen Mary, London, 3-4 June 2016

The Arts of Logistics, 3 & 4 June 2016 Queen Mary University of London

Keynotes: Deborah Cowen & Alberto Toscano

“The Arts of Logistics” brings together scholars, activists, and artists from across the humanities and social sciences to interrogate how social movements and the arts respond to a world remade by logistics.

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A Structuralism of Feeling?

Alberto Toscano’s article on the work of French economist and social philosopher Frédéric Lordon, ‘A Structuralism of Feeling?‘ is now out in the January-February issue of the New Left Review.

Alberto Toscano and Jeff Klinke, Cartographies of the Absolute - now out from Zero books

While I’d linked to some preparatory material, I hadn’t realised this was now out. Thanks to Adam David Morton for the link.

Alberto Toscano and Jeff Klinke, … 73 more words

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