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Hugh Hefner's Trust Reveals He Prohibits Drug Abuse By Family Members

Hugh Hefner has made sure that if his surviving family members wanted to receive any of his fortune after his death, they would have to live clean. 426 more words


Slow learners

I said to Sholmit that Israelis speak better English than I speak Hebrew. Her pink, cat tongue pushed through her Bette Davis lips, she would make a fine Baby Jane, if anyone is thinking of a remake, and said, uncharitably, that they had private tutors. 474 more words


Little Miss Sunshine

Soon after the language lessons at the ulpan began, Rufina realised she needed help. It’s not only a new language, but a whole new alphabet, too. 865 more words


My Semester @ ANU (by Alberto Favero)

Hey guys! -> G’day mates!

Sorry, I’ve been out of touch in the past months, but the semester here @ ANU have been quite intense, both in terms of university workload and in terms of things to do!! 698 more words


Daniel Rivas....

No existen palabras ante la tristeza enorme de perder un amigo, los recuerdos van y vienen cuando te enteras de aquel nefasto momento, difícil el preguntar lo que pasó, solo creemos y pedimos a Dios por quienes estuvieron mas cerca que uno, cuanto dolor Dios y que seguido por otras persona que en días pasado también se alejaron de nuestro lado, solo toca aceptar, rezar y seguir aquí, aunque sintamos que nos despedazamos por dentro por tanta pena, difícil de verdad seguir con tanto golpe que nos da la vida, pero de aquellos que ya partieron aprendemos que la lucha no termina hasta el último suspiro que salga de nuestro cuerpo. 148 more words

Playboy Puts Planned Hugh Hefner Biopic By Brett Ratner On Hold In The Wake Of Sexual Assault Allegations

After six women came forward with sexual assault and misconduct allegations against Brett Ratner, Playboy Enterprises is putting a planned biopic on Hugh Hefner by the director on hold. 264 more words


Singapore’s streets and monuments get the 3D look in this photo exhibition

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

Don’t forget to wear those 3D glasses. Italian photographer Alberto Fanelli’s larger-than-life images of Singapore are presented in the National Museum of Singapore’s ongoing show The City’s Double. 504 more words

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