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Hello Humans,

Al here. My human just showed me a video that may just be the most remarkable idea of 2016. One brilliant human just combined two of the internets favorite things, cats and selfies…Catsies . 52 more words


Art in London (Part 3): Giacometti Pure Presence

Say Alberto Giacometti to most art enthusiasts, and for the majority, an image of his long, spindly totem-pole like human sculptures will come to mind. For it is these famous works which made Giacometti’s name, and which today reach eye-wateringly high prices at auction. 363 more words


Boda de la semana: Macarena Sastre y Alberto Benedicto

Texto: Cristina Romero.Damos por inaugurada una sección que auguramos será la favorita de todas nuestras lectoras. Como sabemos de buena mano que para conseguir la boda de nuestros sueños lo mejor es empaparse e inspirarse de otras, vamos a traeros semanalmente las celebraciones que desde la redacción nos encandilen. 48 more words

Our Day at Cispus Learning Center

By Alberto, Class of 2016.

Cipsus Learning Center is a place where you can do outdoors leadership activities.

We are six students from NPH: Irene (Mexico), Mirna (Nicaragua), Suyapa (Honduras), Jonathan (Guatemala), Julio (Salvador), and finally me Alberto (Haiti). 164 more words


New article published: First results from the RATIO follow up study

Another article got published today in the JAMA Int Med, this time the results from the first analyses of the RATIO follow-up data. For these data, we linked the RATIO study to the dutch national bureau of statistics ( 394 more words


Who will win the world heavyweight championship in SURVIVOR SERIES

whom do you think gonna win the championship in the upcoming survivor series this sunday my guess is definitely roman reigns,but there can be many twist in this . 70 more words