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Thankful Thursday

We’re hopping on over to Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday. Join in the fun with us!

I am thankful that my humans bought a rug that matches my eyes


Κούβα: Επτά νεκροί και δύο αγνοούμενοι ο τραγικός απολογισμός της καταιγίδας Αλμπέρτο

Οι σφοδρές πλημμύρες που προκάλεσε στην Κούβα η υποτροπική καταιγίδα Αλμπέρτο στοίχισαν την ζωή σε επτά ανθρώπους, ενώ άλλοι δύο άνδρες ηλικίας 18 και 51 ετών αγνοούνται, σύμφωνα με την υπηρεσία Πολιτικής Προστασίας.


Torrential Rain along the Blue Ridge

Storm Alberto brought over a foot of rain to most of these mountains in just four days.  Creeks and rivers overflowed, and mudslides occurred in many places. 46 more words

Blue Ridge Mountains

Alberto Opines on Friendly Fill Ins Week 107

Hi folks,
It’s Friendly Fill Ins time again. Don’t forget to head on over to 15andMeowing or Four-Legged Fur Ballsto join in the fun or you’re welcome to opine on your fill ins in our comment section. 116 more words


2018 Hurricane Season Names: Is Yours on the List?

Another hurricane season is underway. The Atlantic basin hurricane season officially begins June 1, and ends November 30.

Although tropical storms and hurricanes can develop before or after the season, most of the time, storms are confined to the official season. 100 more words


Nice rain, huh?

Thursday, May 31, 2018

After an extended dry spell, for nearly the entire month of May, we got a nice rain over the past couple days.  108 more words