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How we got to the PDA thing

He would deny this, but at the beginning, Alberto was not always comfortable expressing affection in public. There in our tiny college town he didn’t seem to mind as long as it was daytime. 903 more words


Time is Ticking

Which Liverpool players are in danger of being sold?
I believe that these players are on last chance salon, and if they don’t start contributing will be sold on. 531 more words


How he learned I could outdrink him

We had talked about drinking but hadn’t yet gone out to any of the local bars or to a part although at the time I was still used to having a beer or two with dinner, usually a strong IPA or other craft beer so I could feel the buzz. 1,436 more words


How much of an A-hole I was at first

There was trouble in paradise before the coming of modern man. So would it be surprising in the least to learn that Alberto and I would try each other’s patience? 802 more words


How he made me a promise

I know that I felt more inside him than I would have liked. We never stopped having lots of sex, but in those days it was all mixed with feelings of discovery and amazement. 331 more words


How I learned a bit about herpes

STI Screening tests or blood work or whatever really don’t take that long, so dear reader I hope you realize this all happened in a short time span. 333 more words


How I found out about sleeping with his ex

I can’t remember if school had started back up at this point. I’m pretty sure I was just working, so I had too much time on my hands to look through old pictures he’d put op on his social networks. 717 more words