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Don’t you just love the word ‘albóndigas’?
It’s so much fun to say.
Like tumbling over a chair, or rolling,
divaricating over little boulders,
Tiny, meaty ones
Slathered in rich, tomato sauce.

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Albondigas (Mexican Meatballs) — Mexican Please

Almost there! I mean – almost long weekend :-) Do you have plans for long Easter weekend? We do not at the end. We were about to go to Czech Republic, but prices for flight tickets are insanely high (sometimes 300% higher), which is making me upset, but I cannot do anything about it. 196 more words


Paleovedic albondigas

An albondiga is basically a meatball but with a different kind of sauce with it, more of a smooth soupy sauce. This is my take on it and oh my days they are super yummy and have a kick to them too. 550 more words



Para las albóndigas:

  • 750 gr. de carne picada (cerdo, ternera o mixta)
  • 2 huevos
  • 150 gr. de pan de molde sin corteza y 5 cucharadas de leche…
  • 617 more words

Albondigas Recipe

There is a local Mexican restaurant that I am absolutely obsessed with. Their food is so delicious I want to have their food all of the time; but my bank account won’t let me. 248 more words


Slow Cooked Cuban Albondigas

Slightly modified for the crock pot from this recipe, which I found, where else but Pinterest.

I usually prep the night before and refrigerate the bowl of my crock pot overnight, popping it in and firing it up the next morning before work, but that’s by no means necessary. 275 more words