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Why I love Duotones in Photoshop

I grew up printing black and white photographs in actual darkrooms. The photographic papers had their own tonal variations, generally ranging from cool bluish tones to warm sepia tones. 892 more words


Nuremberg: Almost Medieval

An aphorism I once saw in some place or other that has stayed with me is “Look at Dresden now, and look at Coventry now, and ask yourself who really won WWII”. 2,347 more words

Aloe Africana

Aloe Africana

Size: A4 (20 X 30 cm)

Albrecht Durer water colour pencil crayons

On cold pressed 200gm paper

The 1st in a series of aloes that I have completed.

Sweets & treats

The last couple of days I have been busy with drawings of cupcakes and macarons. They are becoming hugely popular as a form of decorative art for newborns and little girls bedrooms. 356 more words

The Creative Plan - Watercolour Pencils Day 1

Prior to starting this project I had to check if I actually had any watercolour pencils to use. There were a few random Albrecht Durer pencils and the remnants of my Staedtler Karan Aquarelles set which was bought used when I was a graphic design student back in the ‘90s. 1,457 more words


The Northern Renaissance

Next, we will look at the Northern Renaissance. The Northern Renaissance began as the ideas in Italy spread to other parts of Europe. We will examine how the Renaissance spread and how it was different from the Renaissance in Italy. 102 more words