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Todd Rundgren - One Long Year (2000)

Today, Critter Jams wishes a happy birthday to one Todd Harry Rundgren. Not only is this his 70th year on the planet, it’s also the 50th anniversary of his first LP with the Nazz, and approximately 45 years since he felt he had anything to prove whatsoever. 1,179 more words

Album Of The Week

Album of the Week: Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Mambo Nassau

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

Sorry I disappeared after one post, I have been working a lot on the email and Facebook side of things. Anyway, this week we are talking about one of my favorite albums, Mambo Nassau by the late Lizzy Mercier Descloux. 177 more words

Coming Soon

I miss writing about music.

I miss going to concerts.

I miss photographing and videoing bands.

This changes now. 

Stay Tuned.


Album Of The Week

…2018 w 24 – Album of the week is “A secret wish” by Propaganda.

Nobody put their mark on contemporary pop music in the mid-80´s like Trevor Horn did. Establishing his record company ZZT (Zang Tumb Tumb, getting the name from a sound poem by Italian futurist Marinetti), Horn made history with releases from ABC, The Buggles and most of all Frankie Goes to Hollywood. 650 more words


Daphne & Celeste Save the World (2018)

Daphne & Celeste Save the World is a throwback, both in an obvious way and a not so obvious way. In the first sense, this is just another step in the long line of sequelitis that’s affected our culture since the turn of the century: be it the New Kids on the Block, Full House, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Wolfenstein 3-D, Beavis & Butthead, Aqua, whatever…nothing ever truly goes away anymore, for better or (mostly) worse. 892 more words

Album Of The Week

Album of the Week: Modern Life Is Rubbish

Artist: Blur

Released: 1993

Beginning in London, England, known originally as Seymour, Blur has given the world plenty of great songs with their second album being no different.  148 more words

Album Of The Week

4Ren Marcus

1.BG Closed Case Intro
2. Get This Money Ft. Meechie
3. Hard Nights
4. Got It 5.
5. Problem Child
6. In The System… 34 more words

R.T.S Artist On Rise