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Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Kyuss never wrote any songs that will make the songwriter’s hall of fame. However, they did manage to more or less usher in a new era of stoner rock bands and did it by creating a sound that was weaned by Black Sabbath and baked to perfection in the desert. 122 more words


Thou – Magus

Sacred Bones Records – 31st August 2018

Christopher Nosnibor

Magus is Thou’s first full-length since 2014’s Heathen. It’s perhaps fair to say that the three EPs which preceded it – which they forewarned would be ‘a complete sonic departure from Magus and from each other’ – which effectively constituted albums in their own right – did nothing to prepare us for this. 365 more words


Forget Yourself In Jen Cloher

When an artist releases a self-title album in the middle of their career, it signals a return to the basics, and a more personal turn. For acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter Jen Cloher, it’s an amazing folky-rock collection of focused, melancholy, and loving songs through a uniquely Australian, female, queer, lens. 243 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Danse Macabre’ by Baest

It must be difficult to be a new death metal band. In a subgenre where originality or innovation is less important than with many others, it can be tempting to stick with the tried-and-true acts who’ve already proved themselves, and who the newer crop will most likely be emulating anyway to get their feet on the ground. 455 more words


+Nicki Minaj's Queen Review+

So Nicki just dropped an album called Queen, she opened the hype of her album with the music video Chun Li, and she just released her new music video for Ganja Burn. 409 more words

Denzel Curry - TABOO Review

Denzel Curry makes his most ambitious project with TABOO, but ultimately falls short with varying quality particularly in the writing.

Denzel Curry has stood out over the last few years as a Florida rapper bringing energetic flows, insanely heavy production and dynamic lyrics to catchy songs. 1,317 more words


Revisiting Nick Kamen Sophomore Album

Album Title                :           US             

Artist                           :           Nick Kamen

Genre                         :           Pop

Year Released         :           1988


My interest with Nick Kamen started with “Each Time You Break My Heart.” It was a nice bouncy tune which happens to credit Madonna as one of the songwriters.  364 more words

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