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brand new eyes by Paramore [Album Review]

Following the debut album All We Know Is Falling and the groundbreaking sophomore Riot!, Paramore brought brand new eyes to the table for their third record, … 359 more words

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Selena Gomez - Rare


Love is one of the crown jewels of the Pop music industry; some of the biggest and most well-known hits talk about it, whether it is from the perspective of falling in it or suffering from it. 541 more words

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Poppy - I Disagree


The internet is no stranger to YouTube sensation Poppy’s adorable, yet synthetic persona, captivating the eccentric and casual listeners alike to the extent of gardening a movement akin to cults. 536 more words

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Delain - "Apocalypse and Chill"

With all the overtly serious music in the progressive community, sometimes an album that oozes fun, quality, and just pure enjoyment is exactly what I crave.  810 more words

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hackedepicciotto - The Current

I have three experiences of Blackpool, the town in which the ever-wandering duo of Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke recorded The Current.

The first is, I am told, a brief trip there as a child in the way home from Scotland, of which I remember absolutely nothing. 862 more words

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Mixtape Review: Easy Life - Junk Food

If you haven’t heard Easy Life’s latest mixtape yet, then prepare yourself for some BOPS… like seriously.

The five-piece Leicester band are the embodiment of eclecticism: a blend of indie, pop, jazz and alternative which culminates to form a sound that one can only describe as a literal ‘VIBE’. 410 more words

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Album Review | 'Afterthoughts' by Greywind

Image from their Website

This is one of those bands I heard about by chance and, after listening through this album, find myself wondering why they aren’t more popular then they are. 782 more words