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Here’s what I’ve been listening to:

Artist: Gin Wigmore

Album: Gravel & Wine

Favorite Song: Black Sheep

Favorite Line: Got a pistol for a mouth, my old mama gave me that… 175 more words


Dank Music, Brah #9

1. Untethered Moon – Built to Spill

Cute cats, awkwardly placed letters, and a cosmic lettering. What could go wrong? Well, Untethered Moon manages to answer that question through any sort of vocal  1,050 more words


MUSIC | Jasta - Jasta

BringTheNoiseUK, September 2011, Link

When he isn’t fronting some of the most well known bands in the world, running his clothing line or looking after his record company, James ‘Jamey Jasta’ Shanahan can be found working on his own material, which is being showcased in his first ever solo album ‘Jasta’. 337 more words


MUSIC | A Loss For Words - No Sanctuary

BringTheNoiseUK, October 2011, Link

The American pop punk quintet that is AL4W is notoriously hardworking. They’re not a band who have had everything handed to them on a plate and in fact got themselves into a huge amount of debt after they self funded their debut album‘The Kids Can’t Lose’. 273 more words


MUSIC | Hang The Bastard - Hellfire Reign

BringTheNoiseUK, September 2011, Link

Hang The Bastard have outdone themselves with their latest ten-track release ‘Hellfire Reign.’ The band have been working non-stop on releasing new material and doing live shows over the last year and a half, and this album greatly reflects all their hard work. 227 more words


MUSIC | Living With Lions - Holy Shit

BringTheNoiseUK, October 2011, Link

Canadian pop punk quintet Living With Lions are finally back with their second full length album ‘Holy Shit’ and, judging by the attention it’s already received just for it’s packaging (where Jesus Christ is depicted as a turd), it looks like its going to be one to remember. 256 more words