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So, what is Hemp? And why should I include it in my diet?

Many people may react cautiously to the notion of hemp as food, based on its connection to the harmful illegal drug, marijuana. Upon further exploration, however, one will discover that although hemp is family of marijuana, it is in fact a different plant – like broccoli and cauliflower are of the same family, but different plants. 1,645 more words


Why does my patient with cirrhosis have a normal serum albumin?

The finding of normal serum albumin in cirrhotic patients is not at all uncommon. In fact, in a meta-analysis involving 8 published articles, the sensitivity of serum albumin (< 3.5 g/dL) in cirrhosis was only 45% (1). 77 more words

Liver Disease

"I never liked roller coasters anyway..."

This week was turning out to be the best one we’ve had since we’ve been up at King’s. The sun’s been out, Hugo’s not only been a blast to be around but clinically, he’s been in the best condition since the Hickman line mishap, having appeared to have quickly kicked the adenovirus out of his system, and I had a trip home planned for some serious R&R (and a few bubbles, of course). 2,597 more words

A transplant date - or so we thought

This should have been the update we’ve been gearing up to since February, the one where we could tell everyone that Hugo’d had his transplant. But we seem to be living in a world of big fat ‘shoulds’. 1,457 more words


This week, we took a big step forward to getting Hugo well again. Ross finished his assessment to be a living donor on Friday, and after a very nervous two week wait following one of his clotting results coming back as out of range, he’s been given the green light to be Hugo’s donor! 1,795 more words

Hugo the Brave

So much has happened in the last fortnight, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Up until last Sunday, we’d had a pretty enjoyable couple of weeks. 2,233 more words

Mainly shits, and not many giggles

Those of you who have regularly read my blog so far will know that I try and maintain a positive stance on everything happening to Hugo, and our family. 1,866 more words