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A Conversation about Bread

Debs G: A Becky Lee!  I need your blueberry cobbler recipe for the challenge!

A Becky Lee: I don’t know if I have it at the moment because I use… 412 more words

Tasty Treats

Gel electrophoresis of proteins 

Today I had a Clinical Biochemistry practical. We completed gel electrophoresis of bovine serum to measure it’s protein sizes.

Laemmli buffer was added to a normal and abnormal sample of serum.   155 more words


Total Cholesterol: What's Optimal For Longevity?

On my latest blood test (August 2015), my total cholesterol was 127 mg/dL-is that value optimal for health and longevity?

Based on data for 1,104,294 men younger than 60y (median age, 40y) that were followed for up to 14 years (Fulks et al. 1,562 more words


Malnutrition and Hypoalbuminemia - a predictor for illness prognosis

40% patients are known to be malnourished on admission to hospitals in Australia. According to Australian Dietetics Association this increases to 70% in residents in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF). 667 more words


Albumin, My Life-Giving Friend

One of the things that happens once you survive renal failure and get put on dialysis is that you get to fill out lots of paperwork.   880 more words

So, what is Hemp? And why should I include it in my diet?

Many people may react cautiously to the notion of hemp as food, based on its connection to the harmful illegal drug, marijuana. Upon further exploration, however, one will discover that although hemp is family of marijuana, it is in fact a different plant – like broccoli and cauliflower are of the same family, but different plants. 1,645 more words


Why does my patient with cirrhosis have a normal serum albumin?

The finding of normal serum albumin in cirrhotic patients is not at all uncommon. In fact, in a meta-analysis involving 8 published articles, the sensitivity of serum albumin (< 3.5 g/dL) in cirrhosis was only 45% (1). 77 more words

Liver Disease