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The serum creatinine of my patient originally admitted for management of tense ascites is slowly rising. How concerned should I be?

Although the causes of increasing serum creatinine (SCr) in patients with cirrhosis are legion (eg, sepsis, acute tubular injury, and intravascular volume depletion due to over-diuresis, gastrointestinal bleed, or other causes), the most feared cause is often hepatorenal syndrome (HRS). 276 more words

Microalbuminuria : critical marker of kidney disease

In a study on North Indian population,  more than 20% of the diabetics (duration less than one year also) were found to have microalbuminuria.  Microalbuminuria (defined as urinary albumin excretion of 30-300 mg/day, or 20-200 µg/min) is an earlier sign of vascular damage and being an Asian puts us at higher risk. 178 more words


Global Glycated Albumin Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast 2017 to 2021

A latest market report released by Market Research Globe titled, Global Glycated Albumin Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast 2017 to 2021, approximates that the Glycated Albumin market size is estimated to grow at a significant CAGR over the forecast period, and this is accredited to the rise in demand of this product on a global level along with novel market innovations. 549 more words

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What Alcohol Really Does To Your Liver

Alcohol abuse is a very real and growing thing. Depression, anxiety, you name it. People will come to alcohol for some relief. Everyone knows alcohol is awful for your liver, but I don’t think they really know what they’re at risk of, or what is  271 more words


URINE Albumin

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Urine with protein or albumin is related to Hypertension or Diabetic. Kidneys normally prevent large molecules such as albumin from being excreted in the urine, high levels of urinary albumin excretion, called albuminuria, also indicates kidney is somehow not functioning properly. 605 more words


Roche Chemstrip Micral Albumin Test Strips, 30/Bottle

Roche Chemstrip Micral Albumin Test Strips, 30/Bottle

Refrigerated item. Must be shipped 2nd day air. May require delivery to a business address only.

Chemstrip Micral Test Strips are an optically read immunoassay to detect albumin in urine samples. 9 more words

My elderly patient with acute heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) has a low serum albumin. Can hypoalbuminemia be associated with HFpEF?

As early as 1959, Guyton and Lindsey demonstrated the importance of serum colloid osmotic pressure in the pathogenesis of pulmonary edema1. Specifically, they found that in dogs with normal plasma protein concentrations fluid began to transudate into the lungs when the left atrial pressure rose above an average of 24 mm Hg vs only 11 mm Hg when plasma protein concentration was reduced by about 50%. 134 more words