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Devendra Banhart: Ape in Pink Marble

It’s funny, I started enjoying his good stuff just as soon as he started really phoning it in. This confirms that Mala wasn’t a fluke, but just another step on a long decline. 43 more words


It’s been almost a year since Jay Prince’ last full length project, ‘Beautiful Mercy‘ and boy has his sound evolved!  New album ‘Smile Good’ takes elements of what’s going on in the US at the moment with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and TDE, and re-frames it in a way that’s totally authentic to the UK.   63 more words

Hip Hop

Dave Mason: Alone Together

Short album. It’s enjoyable. I don’t know that it’ll ever be important to me, but it has the sound of a lot of albums that are. I enjoy it.


Having whet our appetites with singles ‘Lyk Dis‘ and ‘Get Bigger‘, NxWorrries release their second project in the form of ‘Yes Lawd!’.   93 more words

New Music

The Riverboat Gamblers: Something to Crow About

Under 30 minutes. Not many wasted notes. Pretty great stuff. It’s become a go-to car album.

Led Zeppelin: Presence

Underrated album. It’s pretty good. Rocks decently. Doesn’t change things up much, but still shows some growth.


XamVolo’s debut EP ‘Chirality’ features singles ‘Down‘ and ‘Runner’s High‘, as well as new cuts ‘Gold Leaf’ and ‘Foolish Kids’.  Packed with a smooth sophistication, this is R&B like you’ve never heard it before.   27 more words

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