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Prince: For You

I kind of hated it. Sounds like disco.

The Verve: Forth

Yeah, it’s kind of lame. There’s some okay stuff on here. But it’s not the same.

Bardo Pond: On the Ellipse

This is the first album with a song that grabbed me. Of course it’s the last song and the longest, so that’s cool. A lot sort of went nowhere though. Will definitely revisit though.

Johnny Winter: Second Winter

It’s okay I guess. I’m not in love with this. That’s okay.

Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising

Lots of weird noise between tracks. It’s probably the album that’s frustrated me most. It’s still pretty cool though. Doesn’t hold major significance for me.

Sonic Youth: Confusion is Sex, Kill Your Idols

Mostly holds up. There are some really fun and cool songs on here, but there’s also quite a few that do nothing for me. Just aimless noise in places. 9 more words


Following the recently-released video for ‘Masquerade‘, Lower Spectrum releases new EP ‘New Haze’. ¬†Hailing from Perth, the producer creates¬†immersive, minimalist electronic atmospheres on ‘New Haze’. ¬† 49 more words

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