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Dungen: Ta det lugnt

It’s okay I guess. A decent and fun psychedelic rock album. Lyrics are all in Swedish. I should have been more interested in this band. But maybe it was the right call. 10 more words

Bat for Lashes: Fur and Gold

Some of this I really like. There are parts that drag. It’s interesting. But it can be a bit quiet and morose for my taste in parts.

Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse

This one’s actually alright. Doesn’t grab me, but it doesn’t irritate me. And it’s not entirely boring.

Wussy: Funeral Dress

First album. It’s pretty good. Nothing amazing. Later albums rock a bit more. But there’s nothing on here that’s not enjoyable.

Sonic Youth: Murray Street

I’d checked out by the time this one came out. I stand by that decision. I didn’t miss too much.

Sonic Youth: NYC Ghosts & Flowers

I liked this one okay when I bought it. It hasn’t held up that well. Although maybe it’s not as bad really. It’s more interesting than the albums after maybe.

Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See

This one has “Fade Into You”. It’s all pretty solid. Doesn’t rock too hard, but it’s good.