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Jack White: Lazaretto

A weird album. Alternates between heavy funk rock and gentle country songs. I guess I like the quieter songs more. Some of the rock songs work. 26 more words

The Alabama Shakes: Sound & Color

More interesting than their first album, but also more frustrating. Few of the songs rock in any straight forward way. But at least half that don’t rock in interesting ways. 51 more words

Grinderman: Grinderman 2

This album is really good! A big upgrade from the first album (which I also liked). The songs on here rock harder, and are more fully developed. 62 more words

The Sonics: Introducing the Sonics

Not as good as the earlier stuff. More bluesy. Just feels week. I don’t hear it as cleaner though

The Sonics: Boom

I bought this one first. Loved it. It’s still really good, but maybe not as good as the first one. Songs show more variety. Sounds more punk I guess. 9 more words

The Sonics: Here are the Sonics

I think I like this one more than Boom. It just rocks harder. Not really any bad songs on here. Just found out “Keep a Knockin” is a bonus track. 49 more words