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Captain Audio: Luxury or Whether It Is Better to Be Loved Than Feared

I was so excited for this one. It was at times brilliant and captivating and at others frustrating. There are multiple songs that seem to be building or going somewhere fun and then just stop or go somewhere else. 22 more words

Captain Audio: My Ear's Are Ringing but my Heart's Okay

This EP was huge for me in high school. Listened to it a shitload. Headphones, in my room, in my car. Easily one of my favorites. 25 more words

Built to Spill: Ultimate Alternative Wavers

Doesn’t have the huge sound of later albums. Reminds me more of Pavement than Modest Mouse. There’s noise and solos, but it all feels kind of restrained. 31 more words

The Reverend Horton Heat: Liquor in the Front

This might be his best album. It’s short, but the first 4 songs are pretty relentlessly awesome. The middle lags, but the last songs pick up a bit. 34 more words

James Brown: Live at the Apollo, Volume II

A good live album. The original album is basically impossible to get now. The reissue has the entire show which is cool. I guess the original songs were edited. 19 more words

Nirvana: Incesticide

This was a compilation of non-album stuff that came out after they blew up. It’s very punk rock. Gets a bit into heavy stoner territory towards the end. 13 more words

Built to Spill: Ancient Melodies of the Future

Won this album on the radio or something. I liked it okay. Never grabbed me like the previous one. Has some cool songs. Not as ambitious as others. Songs are short for BTS.