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Neil Young: Everybody's Rockin'

Doesn’t actually rock. He sticks too much to the 50s rock aesthetic that he adds no real fire to it. It’s very short. Not even an album. 24 minutes.

Neil Young: Life

Not very good, but not totally terrible. Some cheesy 80s stuff is there, but there are also some legitimate songs. Not one to forget/ignore.


Featuring recent single ‘Navigator Truck‘ with Chance, The Rapper and Calez, Alex Wiley’s ‘Village Party 2: Heaven’s Gate’ is out now.  It’s every bit as entertaining as its pre-decessor, but is strewn with quieter moments like ‘Holy Ghost’ that provide a nice contrast to Wiley’s up-beat style.   10 more words

Hip Hop


Having released the album’s first single ‘Fuckin’ Up The Count‘ only a few weeks ago, Freddie Gibbs releases ‘Shadow Of A Doubt’ in full. 62 more words

New Music

The Dead Kennedys: Bedtime for Democracy

Not my favorite. Has some cool stuff, but it’s not as exciting as the previous albums. They had already broken up when it came out.

The Dead Kenneys: Frankenchrist

Great album. Well at least a good third is great. Loses steam in the 2nd half for me, but still has some cool songs. Much longer than their typical songs. 6 more words

The Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters

This one doesn’t grab me as much. Most of it is just pretty straight forward hardcore punk. Gets more interesting on the 2nd half. The EP included at the end is also not very good or interesting. 6 more words