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Album Review: Ævangelist - "Enthrall to the Void of Bliss"

Ævangelist are not for the feint of confidence. For, to understand and appreciate all that is behind this masterpiece of tormented chaos, the listener must be confident of eventual appreciation.  563 more words


Ones and Sixes - Low

Duluth-based slowcore band Low showcase their latest offering with their new full-length studio album ‘Ones and Sixes’. Following on from 2013’s release of ‘The Invisible Way’, the new album sees Low almost returning to their roots of dark and unsettling alternative rock for the most part, where ghostly harmonies push through the album, accompanied by an almost hollow selection of instrumentals. 415 more words


Where All Is Fled - Steve Hauschildt

First posted on echoesanddust.com.

Musician and composer Steve Hauschildt offers his latest solo-album effort on the Kranky record label titled ‘Where All Is Fled’. Taking inspiration from ‘ 359 more words


Stanza II - Benoît Pioulard

Continuing the release of companion pieces to this earlier album release of ‘Sonnet’ on the Kranky Record label, ambient musician and composer Thomas Meluch, working under the moniker of Benoît Pioulard, offers the second companion album ‘Stanza II’. 412 more words


Stanza - Benoît Pioulard

Following on from his latest album release of ‘Sonnet’ on the Kranky record label, musician and composer Thomas Meluch operating under the moniker of Benoît Pioulard, offers a companion piece to the album titled ‘Stanza’. 310 more words


First Listen Review: Kurt Vile - "Believe I'm Goin Down"

The Good: Vile returns, hoping to gain from his much loved last release. The same vibes echo across these tunes as Vile dips further into the daze, but with a often more stripped down approach on just a guitar. 232 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: 'This House Has No Windows' by Dearist

Hype can be a cruel mistress. For every Royal Blood or Nothing But Thieves who live up to the mounds of pressure piled on them, many more fall at the first hurdle. 590 more words