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drog_A_tek - Homeland (O​.​S​.​T​.​)

I’ve always had a special love for movie soundtracks. Music there seemed to be more abstract, the compositions roomy, the melodies plain and in general somewhat “open to interpretation”. 138 more words

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Villagers of Ioannina City - Riza

Ok, I know the word “unique” has been used extensively (but not excessively) with regard to music and style in various posts here – … 151 more words

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Sleepin Pillow - Superman's blues

A more gloomy feeling and “thick”, heavier atmosphere than its predecessor – after all its superman’s blues – it still carries over the band’s special character and gripping sound. 45 more words

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EP: Pelicans We - Cosmo Sheldrake

This is a brilliant and refreshing little EP from Cosmo Sheldrake: master-looper and instrumentalist extraordinaire.

The songs are whimsical and fun, and the variety of sounds he uses is just awesome.  170 more words


Baby Guru - Pieces

After their first home-made album Baby guru seem to move beyond their strictly experimental, improvisational music creation process to a more structured composition for some of the tracks here. 47 more words

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Lemonostifel - Lemonostifel 2

Lemonostifel’s second release continues and flourishes on the special fertile ground of their previous album. This band of friends have cultivated a truly special blend of sounds & inspiration that stands true to their statement of “psychological support with deep understanding”. 38 more words

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Larry Gus - Silent Congas

Always surprising and inspiring, defying accurate definition of style, creating its magical mix of moving beats and unpredictable moods through his beloved sampler Larry Gus’s Congas is all… 31 more words

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