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Health officials: New strain of rabies found in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – A new strain of rabies has been discovered in southern New Mexico, federal and state health officials confirmed Tuesday.

While it doesn’t present any more of a public health threat than the known strains of the potentially fatal disease, the discovery is generating curiosity in scientific circles because it’s the first new strain to be found in the United States in several years. 407 more words


ITEM SIXTEEN: The Tulip Glass

ITEM SIXTEEN: The Tulip Glass. Among beer aficionados and barkeeps of a certain ilk, there is much debate about glassware. While the durable shaker pint glass is still favored by barkeeps that prefer not to constantly buy new glasses to replace the broken ones, the tulip glass is preferred by many who would rather have a glass that accentuates the taste and aroma of the beer. 49 more words

Food Photographer

Back on the Bus

It took some coaxing to get me back on the bus after nearly two years. During the interim I had ostensibly joined the “middle class” (i.e. 1,550 more words

ITEM FIVE: The Black Plate

ITEM FIVE: The Black Plate. Just a short 15 mile bike ride north-east of Albuquerque is the Goodwill store on Paseo del Norte, where I found this black plate for $1.99. 56 more words


ITEM FOUR: Chopsticks

ITEM FOUR: Chopsticks. At the cost of $1.39 for a pack of ten from the grocery store in Albuquerque’s Wells Park neighborhood, it is hard to find a more versatile reusable utensil in a food photographer’s bag for the buck than the bamboo chopstick. 43 more words


ITEM THREE: The Noodle Bowl

ITEM THREE: The Noodle Bowl. On the stretch of Central Avenue, between Albuquerque’s Old Town and New, I found tucked on a low shelf of St. 47 more words


Café Islands

You know those glorious days when every single thing you see looks like it ought to be a photograph?

That’s what happened here when I spotted the tabletop archipelago. 29 more words