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New Video from ALCHEMIST. "The Journey"

Big thanks to Ross, Vivienne, Walt, Ryn, and, of course, Sue.  It’s a little rough around the edges because I did the final editing at two in the morning, so don’t blame Ross and White Board for the hitches. 46 more words

New T-shirt Alert! I PITY THE FUEL

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, it is here.  I PITY THE FUEL

The Canvas: 50% Transitional Organic Cotton/50% Recycled Polyester.  Three plastic bottles saved from landfills to create each shirt. 20 more words

Team Alchemist Revolutionary Off-Season Workout Plan. Guaranteed Results!

Vivienne and Kandy independently turned me on to this revolutionary training device.  It gives a burn like you’ve never felt before, or perhaps it’s very familiar . 19 more words

Alchemist takes on Boulder Cup

The Boulder Cup is always a great event.  Sunday’s throw down at Valmont Bike Park was no exception.  Claire manned the Alchemist tent and several Alchemist riders toed the line for the Juniors’ race.   124 more words

Team Alchemist BLACKBOXX kit Pre-order

Taking pre-orders for the fancy new BLACKBOXX kit.  Powerband, MITI Lycra, TMF Chamois.  We are extending the Pro-deal:  50% off retail for pre-orders.  You’ve got 4 more days to get in on the deal.   34 more words

Breck Epic Stage #6, Gold Dust Loop

A quick blurb before the long overdue race report on the last stage of the Breck Epic.

I started my shift the other day with a patient in room 9.  942 more words

Breck Epic Stage #5, Wheeler Pass Loop

” . . . if you’re reading this, you faced the rabid Aqueduct stage down, met its stare and made it look away.  You stood your ground. 1,102 more words