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Brains and Guts: this is not a Halloween post

           A mind stretched to a new idea, can never go back to its original dimensions. –Oliver Wendell

I wrote a complete post for this blog yesterday, on the topic of mystery, more or less, and then somehow I lost it. 542 more words


Alphonse Elric

This guy is always being misunderstood for being a robot by people who don’t watch the anime/read the manga (or don’t bother to). He is actually the brother of Edward Elric the actual Full Metal Alchemist. 38 more words

Simple Work

Daily Punch 9-30-15 Alchemist arcane tradition for DnD 5e

Why not bottle your spells instead of casting them?  Let’s make a new Arcane Tradition for Wizards in DnD 5e.


You’ve learned to cast your spells as a wizard, but have found a better way cast them-by bottling them!   480 more words


Fullmetal Alchemist & The Presentation of the Limits of Human Knowledge

Hey in case none of you know, I’m actually an old English student and it was when I was doing an essay on the limits of human knowledge and it’s presentation within Oedipus that it sprung to mind that within Fullmetal Alchemist this theme is also very prevalent. 1,697 more words


Joey Bada$$ - Aim High (Produced By @HarryFraud @Alchemist)

Check out this new banger from young Joey… – 60

Joey Bada$$ unloads his hypnotic flow on “Aim High,” his new single released exclusively through Scion AV. 37 more words