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a-chemist not an al-chemist

Intoxicating ether
Orgasmic pyridine
Pungent ammonia
Addictive toluene

Photo credit: – en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hazard_symbol

Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No) Back At It Again with "Play It Cool"

After composing the score for the best selling video game of all-time, Grand Theft Auto V, hip hop duo Gangrene decided to make an album inspired by the video game called “Welcome to Los Santos.”  Here is the first track off the album called “Play It Cool”.   17 more words


The Alchemist and Oh No - Present: Welcome To Los Santos

Get a glimpse into the creative process of renowned producers Alchemist and Oh No as they reveal the inspiration and techniques behind their new, Grand Theft Auto V inspired album, “Welcome To Los Santos.” Taking cues from the game’s deep and atmospheric portrayal of modern Southern California and the original score they helped create, Alchemist and Oh No collaborated with a range of artists to create a brand new album. 7 more words


In LOVE with Books

I like to read books, but my lack of time don’t let me spend much time with them . One of my bucket list  items is to read a least 12 books in 2015. 679 more words

My Cat, the Alchemist

Ah.  This is awkward.  Today’s prompt is to name your poem “My (fill in), the (fill in).”  For some reason cat and alchemist were in my brain, and I didn’t manage to exorcise them before they started to become a poem.   290 more words


Medical Marijuana: More Patients, More Products, But Business Is Slow - Hartford Courant

Proven medical properties; Majority of the people in favor of decriminalizing; War on cannabis costing too much and ineffective; Proven economical upside; Current laws failed; Change is the only guarantee. 42 more words