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In memoria di Paolo Lucarelli

Alcuni allievi ed amici di Paolo Lucarelli hanno scritto quattro Libri per ricordarne la preziosa opera di alchimista e studioso dell’Arte Sacra.

Giovedì 22 Ottobre – alle 17.30 a Milano, presso lo… 150 more words


Alchimia Week 3

I spent week 3 taking a third off the closed form and closing it, taking a third off the remaining two thirds and closing that until I ran out of time. 159 more words


Alchimia, Week 2 and into week 3

Doris Maninger reviewed my work on Day 7 and I moved into using metal, choosing a 3d shape and recreating it as a hollow brass form. 102 more words


Alchimia, into week 2

I continued with the resin and the foam. I had some disasters (too much hardener):-

and too little hardener (parts are sort of bendy):-

and some more door designs… 58 more words


Alchimia Florence week 1 (continued)

The next day I worked on doors, starting quite representational,

then going bigger and 3D

and starting with foam dipped in resin.

The foam can be chemically removed with acetone, I show some of the results tomorrow


Alchimia, Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence

Two weeks in Florence just flew by. I’ve been on an intensive conceptual jewellery workshop paid for by my F and A Bradshaw travel bursary, taking design inspiration from Florence the city. 110 more words


Aurea Allegoria

David Aron le-Qaraimi

eBook, 46 Pagine


Poiché volevi una favola, eccoti questo scritto. Informo che ho cominciato a tracciarlo alle ore 3.14 del 31 Dicembre 2009 e ho completato la trascrizione alle 6.28 del 2 Gennaio 2010. 112 more words