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Came to Believe

I two wrote this about two years ago when I had only three weeks sober and recently rediscovered it. I again have about three weeks sober and find it still to be 100% true so I have decided to publish it online.  3,857 more words

Mental Health

Present Day, October 29, 2017

We should get chips.

We are expected to take our meds. Go to therapy. Get our sleep. When we do not, best case scenario we are ostracized. 500 more words

Brain Tracks

The Sahara Part? I don't effing know

It seemed to shake loose old memories from the past, like an air-bubble rising from the depths of the ocean. I was reminded of a rhyme my father would use when he was in the army to keep him going on long marches, ‘First you step off with your left foot, your left foot, your left foot, first you step off with your left foot, and then you step off with your right foot, your right foot, etc.’ 525 more words