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Sober Workplace - Senseair

Scan – Exhale – Pass

Sober Workplace – Designed to support you in creating a Sober and safe work environment
Sober Transportation – The modern solution to secure that no one drives a vehicle with alcohol in their blood. 84 more words

DrinkWise: The making of a beer ad

“Alcohol Truth is a Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) campaign that puts the facts at the forefront of discussions on alcohol. Alcohol Truth will explore alcohol industry efforts to counter evidence-based strategies to tackle alcohol harm in Australia. 58 more words

Infographic on alcohol availability in Ontario

“The Alcohol Policy in Ontario Community of Interest has developed a new infographic on alcohol availability in Ontario. This resource is intended to inform and guide the work of public health leaders, policymakers, community stakeholders and media outlets. 53 more words

'Long Road' from Words to Action

“The new campaign for FAD (Help for Drug Addiction Foundation), a private non-profit Spanish institution whose Honorary President is Her Majesty Queen Letizia and has a fundamental mission to prevent the drug consumption and other risky behaviours of adolescents, appeals to individual and collective responsibility as the only way to deal with this problem. 66 more words

What does an advocate DO anyway?

Here´s a breakdown of how MADD Victim Advocates help victims through the process.

By MADD (2018)

Driving isn´t the only danger

When it comes to alcohol and drug consumption by youth, impaired driving is not the only danger. MADD Canada has produced this television public service announcement to raise awareness about the other serious risks that teens and young adults face when they get drunk and/or high.

By MADD Canada (2014)

An alcohol culture everyone can enjoy

More than nine out of ten want guidelines for alcohol use during working hours, according to a survey conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health about alcohol and working life. 129 more words