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MYVH - Injustice is injustice.

Another student has asked that we share his or her story on this blog as part of a series of “Make Your Voice Heard” posts. Please take the time to read this and let it be a catalyst for prayer and action in our community. 1,530 more words

Gov. Martinez vetoed science - and 5 other unbelievable vetoes from this year's legislative session

It’s official.  As of today, if the governor didn’t sign a bill it dies.  And some didn’t even get the dignity of a quiet death.  Some she killed right out in public. 1,182 more words

Susana Martinez

Excess Drinking Hurts. We Can Limit the Harm.

Excess drinking hurts. There is nothing unusual about addiction, and as families open up and share experiences we are understanding the magnitude of their losses in ways we never have before. 224 more words


At HLC Meeting, Students Articulate their passion and concerns for Westmo



Dalvin Law offers his assessment of the mood and spirit of the student meeting with HLC reviewers. 719 more words


Update: Longer Bar Hours are a Proven Hazard

Michigan bars will continue to close by 2am, at least for now.

Last month I wrote about SB 247, which would extend hours of alcohol retailing as late as 4 am in some Michigan bars. 345 more words


Tackling the causes and effects of alcohol misuse

Source: Local Government Association

Follow this link for fulltext

Date of publication: January, 2015

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This report forms part of the campaign ‘Investing in our nation’s future’, which sets out what the next government needs to do in its first 100 days after May’s general election. 62 more words


Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy

Source: NHS Health Scotland

Follow this link for fulltext

Date of publication: December, 2014

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This is the fourth annual report providing an update on the monitoring and evaluation of Scotland’s alcohol strategy.  71 more words