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Thinking about Drinking: A Year in the Life of an Alcohol Researcher at Stirling

Niamh was active in helping the media understand the implications of the 2016 new alcohol guidelines. In this blog post she discusses what happened as a result of the publication of the new guidelines and how the media portray the facts in their own way. 1,153 more words


Utah liquor control commission chairman backs tearing down 'Zion Curtains'

SALT LAKE CITY — The chairman of Utah’s liquor control commission told FOX 13 he supports tearing down the so-called “Zion Curtains” under a bill being proposed in the state legislature. 476 more words


What is Cricket Australia selling its millions of young fans?

The summer sporting season is now in full swing and our Booze Free Sport campaign has its sights set on Cricket Australia.
Just look around at all the alcohol promotion and consider, what is Cricket Australia selling its millions of young fans during the Victoria Bitter One Day International series? 68 more words

Alcohol and drug testing safeguards

Testing for drugs and alcohol in the workplace is increasingly common, as advances in technology have made tests cheaper, more accurate and generally available.
Find more: Workplace Info

'Zion Curtains' to fall, but liquor costs will go up in proposed bill

SALT LAKE CITY — FOX 13 has confirmed a new bill being proposed in the Utah State Legislature would tear down the much-maligned “Zion Curtains” in restaurants, but there will be strings attached — including a hike in the price of liquor. 607 more words


Alcohol Advertising on Cable TV

The second infographic in the series, “Reducing Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Cable TV,” provides a quick and clear description of the data in the fourth quarterly report that assesses non-complaint alcohol advertising on cable TV based on the “no buy” list criteria and how this non-compliance varies by program (USA). 8 more words