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Selling Alcohol in Grocery Stores: Hidden Risks and Alternative Options

By Dr. Norman Giesbrecht, Senior Scientist Emeritus, Public Health and Regulatory Policy Section In the last few days we have heard about plans to permit the sale of beer and wine in grocery stores in Ontario. 537 more words


MSc Research Proposal: Does Intensity of Alcohol Hangover Symptoms Serve as a Marker for Future Development of Alcohol Use Disorders?


Alcohol hangover, according to Verster et al. (2010) may be defined as adverse effects experienced after a night of alcohol consumption, once a sufficient amount of time has passed for the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to fall considerably until it approaches zero. 5,469 more words


Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

By Dr. Bernard Le Foll, Head of the Alcohol Research and Treatment Clinic at CAMH

Canada is a country that both enjoys alcohol, but is also fairly responsible about its education, sale and distribution to the public. 579 more words

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Democratising Mental Health

PRIME is a program to generate world class researches on the implementation and scaling up of treatment programs for priority mental disorders in primary health care centers in the low income group countries. 109 more words


Useful information about Alcohol Use and Abuse

Looking for information about Alcohol Use and Abuse?

By David Joel Miller

Ever hear of the Alcoholism Awareness Council? I hadn’t. Recently I found this site, or more precisely they found me. 173 more words

David Joel Miller

#OneAndDone Challenge - less than 21 hours left and supporters still needed.

Here’s the deal, click on this link and go to Thunderclap. Sign up through social media and help achieve the goals of the challenge: 100 more words

Effects of Alcohol last long after you sober up

By David Joel Miller

Alcohol continues to affect you after it has left your blood stream

Researchers are finding that the effects of alcohol are not limited to what we see or experience while the alcohol is present in the blood stream. 1,077 more words

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