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I’ll have my Intervention with popcorn, thanks

Last night, soon after experiencing a strong urge to watch A&E’s addiction porn Intervention, I found myself absorbed in the heartbreaking struggle of a woman who consumed a litre of vodka each day. 1,644 more words

It's a Cruel, Cruel World, and I'm Living In It

I’m going to share something I’m not very proud of. Big surprise, but I’m not perfect. Sometimes, things go through my head that are cruel. 894 more words

Grieving My Husband

I Love Me Some Yoga Pants….But I’ll Never Be a “Wine Mom”

I’m just going to say it. Motherhood sucks at times. Sometimes I’m on top of the world and deserve a prize. Other times, I’ve earned nothing more than a participation trophy. 1,036 more words


Anxiety mixed with Alcohol: The Perfect Cocktail


Anxiety is a creature that often gives you the sense of having no control. Over your work, over your family, over your life. Whether it is anxiety embedded into your very being from the chemical combination concocted in your brain, or the lifestyle you live, it is very easy to drown in it. 841 more words

Mental Health


If you get a group of women together in a room, chances are they will all have at least one story about a doctor who dismissed their concerns or made them feel stupid. 789 more words

Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was day 2. I don’t know if these days count as I am a weekend drinker so during the week isn’t that difficult for me to give it a miss. 385 more words


Participants needed: A pilot study into the determinants of behaviour change in alcohol use disorder.

Queen Mary University is looking for people with problematic drinking who are currently trying to stop drinking, but unable to do so.

A pilot study into the determinants of behaviour change in alcohol use disorder. 610 more words