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Dr. Britton and Gateway Alum Broadcast Insights on Opioid Crisis

Gateway Foundation President and CEO Dr. Thomas Britton and Gateway alum Spencer spoke to Justin Kaufmann on WGN’s “The Download” about the opioid crisis, how we can combat it, and Spencer’s journey to recovery. 424 more words

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Spot Symptoms of the Other, High Functioning National Crisis

The opioid crisis has been staking headlines across national and local media, but another substance has been quietly taking lives by the thousands for years: alcohol. 458 more words

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The Trump Administration’s Opioid Action Plan

During the 2016 presidential election, then Republican nominee Donald Trump took a tough stance on the opioid crisis, declaring he would help solve the crisis if he were elected. 645 more words

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It’s Not Always Easy Being Green: Staying Sober this St. Patrick’s Day

This weekend, the Chicago River will flow green and people dressed in green across the country will flood the streets, bars, and restaurants for St. Patrick’s Day. 615 more words

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“It’s All in Your Head”

For centuries, addiction was viewed as a psychological problem, all just in someone’s head. To be “cured” someone simply needed to want to quit. Addiction is, in fact, in a person’s head, but not in the way many believed. 1,004 more words

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Let's Talk About Shame

Hello Friends!

I know it’s been quite some time since I checked in so first and foremost, how have I been in my journey to recovery? 786 more words

Staying Emotionally Balanced in Recovery

While in active addiction, I lived in the absolute emotional extremes, and there was very little balance in my life. I often felt out of control while I was trying to control everything, not realizing that my excessive drinking was the cause of the chaos. 648 more words

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