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What Lies Beyond?

What lies beyond that obstacle, the one that prevents us from making real and lasting changes? The obstacle that takes residence in our hearts and in the pit of our stomachs, the one that governs our actions and holds us back in a place that, while familiar, is not necessarily where we want to be. 505 more words

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Lucky - 9/4/15

Disclaimer: I get a little more personal in this entry, but since it’s about my own life, I give myself permission to reveal those certain aspects of my privacy in order to convey the accuracy of my own experiences against society’s knowledge of these topics.  1,215 more words


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How can someone who cares about me so much put this many confusing and depressing thoughts into my head? When someone cares about you why would they drink, without eating, drink a bottle of cough medicine, take pills, and expect me to do sexual things with them while I am completely sober. 286 more words


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