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Crash Into Me

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how my wife and I made a pact to decrease our alcohol consumption. Because we both have pretty extensive family history when it comes to alcoholism, we felt it was time to take a good look at our tendencies and determine whether or not we have a problem. 1,181 more words


Yogi Cameron Diet Day 10

Weight: 64.1 kg No weight loss. I am becoming exasperated. I think I am eating healthily and low calorie but it’s not enough. I shall have to be ever more draconian. 274 more words


Istanbul Stories #3 - Anise

This is the second post from the series “Istanbul stories”. All posts in this category are HERE

You can see religious people in each religion, obviously. 234 more words

Food For Thought

Personally I think I hit a house run.

Well folks, turns out I’m old. I had a spicy burrito and got heartburn, which was mildly irritating for the rest of the night. Alas, my youth has fled and with it, my innocence. 620 more words


The Beer List: Fruitlands by Modern Times Brewing

Imagine you’re a can of beer. Surviving a cross-country trip in a suitcase, which was undoubtedly thrashed about by uncaring baggage handlers at the airport, is no small feat. 398 more words


Caltrans and Anger Management

On Friday, I went to a trans woman support group at the local queer space, where I met four other awesome trans girls. They’re all so tall and so cool. 361 more words

"Allies Cast as Alley Cats": Why I No Longer Drink.

When they ask me tomorrow why I no longer drink – I’ll have this much to say…

“It’s not worth the heartbreak. It’s not worth the loss. 445 more words