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Feelings Are Hard

Yesterday was a difficult day, and I want to thank those of you who stopped by this space of mine to show support. Your words and just knowing that there are other people who can relate on some level, meant more to me than I can express. 585 more words

Life Now

You can do hard things

I didn’t used to be able to do hard things. Not sober much anyway. I made them into things I couldn’t manage. I panicked. I projected onto other people. 136 more words


Diageo is an alcohol business- Ivan Menezes

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Is the trend of drinking more moderately an opportunity or a threat for Diageo? See what Ivan Menezes has to say on the topic: … 10 more words


How many numbers do you see?

How many numbers can you see? Two? Three? Four? More?

I am not sure there is a right answer. Everyone see it differently. Like life. Things that cause me massive worry and anxiety are not a problem for others. 48 more words


First Drink

At the age of 16, I stole a bottle of Jack.
My father finished his nightcap and fell asleep,
Leaving the bottle outside, unattended.
I silently walked over to the table, 83 more words