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8 days in and doing OK

Not terrible, not great but OK – which is OK for now.

It’s been an eventful week with a real mixture of experiences and feelings. I went out bowling with some people from work and didn’t drink which was surprisingly enjoyable. 592 more words

Effed up

Ever have those days that begin rough, then get better; but along the way, there are a multitude of ups and downs?

That’s how today was for me. 184 more words


That moment when your date shows up drunk. To your FIRST date. 

It really is the rudest. And beyond immature. Overall just shows a total lack of respect and class.

I hope he didn’t mind.

(End of testing season. 10 more words

Dating/Single Life

Late night.....what's going on in your mind? (RHETORICAL.....NO, REALLY!) ;) (BrainERCISE)

Everything  but  sleep.  In  fact,  I  even  just  accomplished  a  home  work  assignment  with  my  very  lively  6  year  old.  What  I  would  love  to  be  doing  right  now,  is  sipping  on  some  grown  up  juice,  but  in  this  wave  of  change,  that  is  not  going  to  be  happening  any  time……and  I  am  okay  with  that.  404 more words


St Paddy's Day cocktail - Pot O' Gold

You will need:
. One shot of vodka
.  One shot of elderflower syrup
. Four chunks of cucumber
. Ginger beer
. Handful of mint leaves… 109 more words


Memoirs of a barmaid

I think everyone who’s never done it themselves have occasionally wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the bar, serving the drinks. 763 more words


I Like Us Better When I'm Not Wasted

Ok, first of all, what is up with this song? Was it commissioned by Smirnoff or something? I like how it’s about drunk sex, but the video takes place at this faux empowered girl party in the 50s. 805 more words