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Courvoisier VSOP Triple Oak Cognac – Artisan Edition

Brandy…is it the best fucking thing on the planet? Imma have to say it almost certainly is.

Where I was brought up, brandy and Coke (B&C) is pretty much the standard alcoholic beverage. 395 more words


Gin and Vodka Tasting Event at Olives

This weekend saw Whitley Bays first ‘Weekend of Gin and Vodka’, providing an opportunity for local Gin and Vodka lovers to taste and appreciate the popular tipples. 728 more words


Pepper the Drinking Dog

When I was 13, my mother took me to the pet store and let me purchase the homeliest little mutt you had ever seen. He was a Lhasa Apso/Dachshund mix. 695 more words


Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction: Youth and Alcohol

The Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines (LRDGs) are based on research and were created to provide Canadians with recommendations for alcohol consumption that could limit their health and safety risks. 351 more words

Recovering Out Loud

A funny thing is starting to happen: I’m beginning to tell people in casual conversation that I’ve overcome an addiction to alcohol. What’s particularly surprising, even to me, is that I’m saying it with pride. 308 more words


The #metoo ‘movement’ is upsetting me so I turned away from news and Facebook. I have difficulty with the negative reactions from ‘everybody’ to women sharing their painful stories. 1,774 more words

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8 Sleep Mistakes You Can Fix Tonight

How to ditch bad habits and start prioritizing sleep today.

If you’d like to get more sleep or think there is room for improvement, try avoiding the habits you may have slipped into.  1,695 more words