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Cleaning up backlog, part 1: Scav and friends.

Hello there, fellow stranger, and welcome to my blog about drinks (mostly alcoholic), homebrewing, and mixology.

“Cleaning up backlog” series will focus on covering recent-ish events (April — June ’17) that happened before I started writing this blog, but deserve to be covered in some detail. 2,426 more words


Responding to Inane Pregnancy Article

I know that I tend to rant and rave about things that other pregnant women likely suffer through quietly or don’t even see as troubling, and that’s fine. 3,817 more words


Pieces of the puzzle

Addiction often seems like a jigsaw puzzle to me – I had to find the relevant pieces and determine how they fit together properly in order to achieve the desired result, i.e., freedom from addiction.  633 more words


My Depression

Depression is something I feel people should really be talking more about. It is very common to have depression or to go through a depressive period but I feel like it’s this hush hush thing that no one wants to talk or hear about. 2,133 more words

About Me

Whippersnapper 3

I went on a date with a third Whippersnapper. It wasn’t a raging success.

I have an obscure song lyric on my dating profile and he sent me the next line of the song, which always makes a boy seem like a kindred spirit. 1,122 more words


Story #14: Lies, Drugs & Emotional Breakdowns (The Anonymous Anecdotes Project)

Honestly, somehow I always tend to tell people more about my exploits more than I write about things that actually matter. Because I have a problem with wanting people to like me. 453 more words