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Macklemore Visits the Interagency Recovery School

Interagency Academy has a number of different sites, many of which the Group Health Cooperative Interagency School-Based Health Center serves. One of these sites, the… 54 more words

Alcohol, Obesity and Extra Time

My first topic would be the legal drinking age and whether or not it should be lowered to 18. I would argue that it should be lowered and use the fact that we can vote and fight for our country at 18 as examples for why we should be able to drink. 363 more words

Falling in Love with Majorca 4/7

This post was originally written on Friday 14th October

“Hello naughty liver, it’s murder time!”  355 more words


More than one job? Well done.

Apropos of nothing, here are some things that have happened at various jobs:

  • When I worked in Media Ingest we had to ingest (basically upload) material and make sure all the details were correct in the system.
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Stream Of Consciousness

The Basement - Part Five

“Why did we agree to do shots?” Leanne said, as she cradled her head in her hands.

“It was your idea.” I laughed. She often got carried away when alcohol was involved, drinking a little bit more than she could handle. 581 more words

Creative Writing

Of Rowan Mayfair

“from time to time she gave in to her Madness as if it were strong drink, and when in her cups she fled from her sublime designs, drowning in memories and guilt, all judgement and sense of proportion lost, murmuring confessions of unworthiness and half-explored  plots of escape that would seal her off from all expectations.’ 7 more words


I'd Rather Get Drunk At Home, Thanks

Being the “young” age we are, Eric and I get asked to go out with friends quite a bit. Both friends that do and don’t have kids. 352 more words