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What I Learned As A Survivor Of Child Abuse

Where have you been, Cortney? Gee hell maybe, but let’s not say that we could say o just around, or just staying with my neglective alcoholic mother and abusive, even more alcoholic husband all this time but you know you’re not strong enough to handle it and I wasn’t strong enough to give it to you. 900 more words

The Smell of Cheap Vanilla

Everyone around me has it and I start to feel that temptation, myself.
I open a bottle and the smell overwhelms my senses.
The weird aroma smells horrid. 146 more words


Annabel's First Blog

Hello everyone, I guess, like all of you, I’ve reached this great place after a few hard lessons. I started drinking in a mildly out of control way at about 14 years old, when I mistakenly thought alcohol gave me confidence.  242 more words



I have a ‘relationship’ with my Mother. It is very strained. We do not communicate. I have tried and failed. She can’t see what I see. 158 more words

Tears of a Transplant Surgeon

After almost 12 years of education and working in several different specialities of nursing, my mother has finally made it to the place she wanted to be- and she worked for it. 838 more words

Searching tag lines

Many of you, my friends, have found my blog through word of mouth- mainly me- wordpress, bloglovin, twitter and Facebook.

Today, when I was checking my stats, I saw the search line someone typed into google: “how my drunk parent makes me feel.” 253 more words

Attachment Parenting

Healthy Love Relationships and Filling the Void

Learning to have healthy relationships of any kind is a huge challenge for people who had traumatic childhoods. For me, having healthy romantic relationships has not only been an uphill struggle, but the idea of ‘needing’ to be in a relationship to feel complete has dominated most of my adult life. 516 more words