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Let me borrow your earbuds

Today, I had one of those moments as a counselor that comes back to you later in the day. While most problems I choose to leave behind at work, one followed me home today and just spoke to me. 489 more words


Alcoholic Parents

Luke 23:34 Father, Forgive them; for they know not what they do.

It was the dream, the self misidentification which lent forth the ignorance of each and every one who fills the story of  what was once my painful childhood.  449 more words

Awakening The Spirit

TGIF. Thoughtful Reflections. Keep Finding the Hope in the Holidays

Being a disabled veteran and not working the weekends meant little to me other than time for the hecticness of parenthood to ferment. Now that I am homeschooling our son, the weekends are once again back to meaning something again. 2,663 more words


Does Anyone Really Walk Away a Winner? Probably not.

Last night I wrote up a list of talking points that I wanted to touch on as they were weighing heavily on my mind late late last night (between the twinges of back pain that are still going on since the car accident).   2,550 more words


Season 3, Episode 8 "Whisper To A Scream"

Ellie becomes a cutter in this episode. Could she be even more fucking emo?

Seems like the Canadian army is deploying to Afghanistan for the war on terror and Ellie’s dad is going to be going into the shit. 1,777 more words


Now I Understand

Over the years, I’ve heard several women say they had no intention of babysitting if they had grand kids, or even if they already had them.  447 more words

Personal Growth