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Alcoholic Parents

Having an alcoholic parent is one of the most frustrating things. Unlike my trauma stuff, there isn’t really an end to this… until he dies. … 252 more words


It has definitely been A WEEK…. and not necessarily a good one.

My week started with a starter problem…. as in my car. I had to contact my biological dad to see if he could help me out. 403 more words


Dear Mom, Where Are You?

My biological dad called me last night. I was getting into bed and chose not to answer. This morning, as I was listening to his drunken voicemail, I found myself getting agitated. 157 more words


So I hurt.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. In just 23 years I feel like I have accomplished some many things. A year ago I earned a BA from a school that still holds my heart. 689 more words


I Didn't Mean To Disappoint You

Yesterday I was supposed to get lunch with my biological dad. He’s a semi-functioning alcoholic at this point. I don’t think he’s still doing drugs because he is managing to hold down a job at a big retail store. 506 more words


Let me borrow your earbuds

Today, I had one of those moments as a counselor that comes back to you later in the day. While most problems I choose to leave behind at work, one followed me home today and just spoke to me. 489 more words


Alcoholic Parents

Luke 23:34 Father, Forgive them; for they know not what they do.

It was the dream, the self misidentification which lent forth the ignorance of each and every one who fills the story of  what was once my painful childhood.  449 more words

Awakening The Spirit