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Letter from a (sort of) ex self harmer

This is not a romanticisation of self harm, it’s a recount of my experiences and a desperate plead  to anyone considering it to think again. 398 more words


When your friend commits suicide

As someone who has suffered from suicidal thoughts most of my adult life, I have found myself completely unprepared to deal with one of my best friend’s successful suicide this past week. 786 more words

Child Abuse

Running in Heels: a Memoir of Grit and Grace

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Running in Heels: a Memoir of Grit and Grace by Mary A. Pérez.
Gut wrenching! Mary Pérez has written a book that I found difficult to put down. 151 more words


Alcoholic Parents

Having an alcoholic parent is one of the most frustrating things. Unlike my trauma stuff, there isn’t really an end to this… until he dies. … 252 more words


It has definitely been A WEEK…. and not necessarily a good one.

My week started with a starter problem…. as in my car. I had to contact my biological dad to see if he could help me out. 403 more words


Dear Mom, Where Are You?

My biological dad called me last night. I was getting into bed and chose not to answer. This morning, as I was listening to his drunken voicemail, I found myself getting agitated. 157 more words


So I hurt.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. In just 23 years I feel like I have accomplished some many things. A year ago I earned a BA from a school that still holds my heart. 689 more words