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In my usual fashion

I shook the empty glass at the bartender. It was poorly cleaned; a prior customer’s pink lipstick adorning its rim like an accusation of infidelity. 189 more words

Flash Fiction

My name’s Steve, I’m an alcoholic……….the last three words I used to say in jest because I was a happy go lucky drunk for many, many years. 144 more words


Staying in the moment, always learning

I love being a student.

I’m spending time this week in a 2 day math workshop. I’m really enjoying the shift in roles. Thinking about why I do what I do in the classroom is good for my students. 149 more words


Step 1 - The Problem

Step 1 – The Problem

I am powerless over alcohol. For many years I suffered from a mental obsession, an insanity if you like, which convinced me that I could control my drinking and drink like a normal person. 295 more words

My 12 Step Recovery

Day One - My Shitty First Draft

“Hello World!” Had to begin like that because i am software programmer and that is how we begin.

Blogging is a new domain for me. And i chose to write about all those wonderful drinks i love, because this is one topic i can write a lot about. 231 more words


Punch Drunk

Loneliness is a feeling I’ve experienced throughout my life in various forms. I felt lonely as a child, trying to keep my head above the water and survive my crazy upbringing. 2,776 more words


Drowning Out the Pain

Happy and excited to finally have a job, she prepares for her first day of work. “This time will be different,” she thinks. With just a small sip, she heads out to start her day. 463 more words