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The dopamine lie

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote by Brendan Behan “One drink is too many and a thousand is never enough”

When I was drinking I never left a party early. 368 more words


Damage Done


When an offender or perpetrator harms a child or minor physically, sexually or psychologically, it is known as sexual abuse. Though the child is not in a position to consent to any such sexual activity, it is thus considered a crime that has a lasting impact on the victim. 329 more words

Blogs On Mental Health

I hope

Ok so this post has nothing to do with adoption, or even to do with Rae at all, but it’s something very close to my heart, and with the permission of my friend, who I’ll call by my nickname for her, Shoe, she has asked that I share this in the hope it might somehow help just one other person before it’s too late. 1,201 more words

I am. I can. I will. I do.

I’m not done quitting drinking. Every night I’m faced with the decision once again. Something about pouring the drink and numbing myself from my feelings of overwhelm has become so familiar that when I’m doing what I always do at 6pm, I just want to pour that glass of wine. 127 more words


Call Me Pete, Re-Pete

Ever listen to a song and you need to hear it over and over again because it distracts your brain from thinking to much, then watch the music video over and over, then download the whole album and…well you get it? 1,468 more words


a bad day drunk

the truth help is in the details

Let’s dive deeper and deeper into this world I speak so highly of.  This is that lonely, sad yet, at times, slightly exciting world of the drinking problem.  2,259 more words