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Why am I Awesome?

Why am I awesome?

1.) When I was 12 years old, I pulled a 6-year-old boy out of grenadier Pond in High Park, which is in Toronto Canada, There was no fanfare or witnesses… He was struggling, I swam out and pulled him in, and that’s all there was too it… 544 more words


Insights into addiction - it is all about the pain

These are insightful videos by Gabor Mate who explains that emotional pain and trauma underlies addiction. He also explains how trauma/addictive tendencies get past on through the generations unintentionally when addiction affected parents are not able to be present and available to their kids.

Healing From Child Abuse

Group quotes...

Here’s a quote for ya, taken from Group this morning, about replacing the bad things of addiction with good things:

When you find a battery in something and it’s corroded, what do you do? 127 more words


Fucked up.

I fucked up!


I’m sitting here writing this to all of you, with 3 pints of beer inside of me.  I went straight to an Old Chicago’s after leaving my therapy session today, for the sole fact that I was asked to consider some AA classes. 481 more words

Depression And Other Mentalities

Pink clouds, is that you?

I’ve heard a lot of talk of these legendary ‘pink clouds’ and have been waiting patiently for them to pay me a visit for a while now. 409 more words


No to Alcoholic Drinks ⚠

May nangyayari talagang di maganda pag nakainom ka ng alak na pagsisisihan mo sa huli. lalo na pag lalaki kasama mo

That’s why I hate alcohols. 354 more words