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when you think about certain mental disorders, sometimes the symptoms seems to fit in a box, nice and neat. for example, people who suffer from depression are: sad, suicidal, lack motivation, lose interest in their hobbies, and/or lack of appetite (or sometimes exaggerated appetite). 368 more words

Transgender Alcoholic.

I have abandoned this blog for over three months now; I thought it had been only two but time is passing much quicker than I realize. 1,203 more words

Louise is a textbook "social" alcoholic.

Smart. Deceiving, but smart.

So when Louise Delage arrived on Instagram on Aug. 1, bearing drinks and a cheerful, sun-soaked smile, few wondered who she was. 37 more words

Up Down

I can see your chest
Up then down
But you’re lifeless
A corpse
Who refuse to feel
Can’t take the pain
But it’s pain that you deal… 135 more words


Day 184

It is what it is, an alcoholic staying sober.

Sober Days

Why I chose Molly Dyke

I’ve chosen the name Molly Dyke for two main reasons. First I am a lesbian and secondly because I am typically the passive partner in relationships. 433 more words



One thing I did when I decided to quit drinking, was I went to my doctor and asked for a prescription for that pill that makes you sick if you drink. 200 more words