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I drank last night.  I don’t know why.  I wasn’t in a bad mood.  There were no triggers.  I just did.

I need to find something that fills the empty like alcohol does.   136 more words


Finally in bed after what felt like the longest shift of my life.

Tonight was so ridiculously busy! We managed to make £400 in one hour alone which is pretty impressive for our small little pub!   224 more words



Today and yesterday have been the hardest thus far. That sober stay-cation while relaxing may not have been the best option at this point. It through me into a realm which I was not ready for. 108 more words

Beating the blues: why depression must be fought and pursuit of happiness is a false objective

In my last post, I gave an overview of my symptomatic experiences of clinical depression. Following on from feedback given by readers, I would like to stress that this series of articles relates to my personal experiences of the illness: readers who suffer from depression may find that it manifests quite differently in them. 3,766 more words


Unspoken Words

These are the conversations that only happen in my head.  I wish they could be said out loud but when you have an undeclared alcoholic there just doesn’t seem to be a point.  494 more words



Sobriety is a choice.  I either choose to be sober or I choose to be drunk.  Alcoholism is something that you choose.  It does not happen to you; you are not the victim.   433 more words