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Day 214 - Hope & forgiveness

Having completed 3 half days of work this week I’m running out of time to keep up with podcasts! A nice problem to have.

Also eating into my podcast time is reading, now that I can follow the words and make sense of them at my pre chemo rate. 370 more words

19 Days and Counting

This was probably my “best day” so far since I’ve stopped drinking. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but I did have some good energy today and was pretty productive at work. 648 more words


Day 4 ends - it is getting a little easier

Day 4 has ended. I managed to get through it without a drink. There were times that I was very tempted. I have managed to cross the dreaded days 3 & 4. 277 more words


Clean and Obscene: Rock Bottom

Clean and Obscene: Rock Bottom

Note: This is the story of my own personal rock bottom. The moments leading up to me deciding that enough was enough. 2,474 more words


What else do you remember about him?

This is one of the earliest pictures I have of myself and my father. Since I am the second oldest of six, and my closest sibling is one year younger than I am, this picture was taken when my parents were raising two children. 324 more words

I Need Crayons...Really, I Do.

A nice big box actually, like the big box of Crayola crayons that have the sharpener in it. That way if I dare to pull a color out and actually… 939 more words

New Muse

I have found my new muse!

My writers block has lifted!

I have decided to focus my recently dormant creative blogging energy toward my fatness and the prominence of said gut…. 411 more words

Story Time