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I feel like a bad person.

My last post was how I felt earlier today. How I’ve been feeling the last few weeks.
Of course that is just my feelings, and maybe not the truth. 440 more words


365) Loss

I never understood the appeal of alcohol or the satisfaction he got as its burning sensation surged his liver, scoring his mind numb, limbs unable to move as he tried to make his way home again. 131 more words

Creative Writing

Summertime Sadness

Dear Lord,

Fuck me, today’s going to be hard. I know you’re not supposed to be down with ‘bad’ words but if you are going to give the intelligent monkeys a language centre in their brain, anger management issues, sticks and wet clay you’re just asking for trouble in the long run. 223 more words


Alcohol is a dead end

Note: Please be aware that the first 5 paragraphs were written by me a very long time ago and history has repeated. I do not think it’s a waste of time to emphasize this again. 715 more words

Are All Fathers Created Equal? Not Really

When people hear I’m a single mom, curiosity often gets the best of them and I’m immediately bombarded with questions about my daughter’s baby daddy. I’ve been through the drill so many times I can recite the questions by heart. 498 more words

Single Mom


Dirty socks,

Dirtied mind,

Half a bottle, need some more.

Want some more. Can’t stop the

cravings. Can’t stop the want.

Plagued thoughts, past people, the past haunts. 141 more words

The Nice Guys: Lebowski with Drunks

Shane Black’s brilliant noir-com The Nice Guys is as beautiful and pointless as the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski, with alcohol replacing marijuana as the detective’s drug of choice. 271 more words