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Pity Hangover

So, my last several posts have been laced with some obvious negativity. I’ve certainly expressed that I don’t care for that attitude and today, I think I’m on a bit of a pity hangover. 325 more words


Day 11 - Morning

253 hours sober.

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks about to, meditation and recovery this weekend. I feel like I’m finally getting back to normal, but this is a completely new normal that will take some getting used to. 274 more words

What happened to my Alcoholic son?

My youngest son, Matthew, is autistic, and my oldest son, Brandon, is an alcoholic. Something happened to him, not only from the effects of alcohol, but from the effects of my narcissistic mom, working together with his old girlfriend, to turn him against me. 1,936 more words


It's not perfect...

Today, I woke up feeling a little better than I have the past couple of weeks. I still have some negative feelings about myself that I just can’t seem to shake. 560 more words


Work 25 years

Life doesn’t

go anywhere


we don’t live forever


love while you can


get a good job

sell your soul

work 25 years… 914 more words

Madness And Weirdness

Another day 4/18

Every day is pretty much the same. He drinks around the clock, spends time on his phone, passes out, gets up to make food (and a mess) and goes to get more alcohol. 856 more words


Day 10 - Midmorning

230 hours sober.

Just finished at the gym. Still weaker than usual, but less than last week. Last Saturday I was only 3 days sober and still in the midst of withdrawals. 138 more words