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How old are you?

There’s a common notion that you can’t be an alcoholic unless you’re a certain age with a certain set of experiences. I’m not sure what the perfect combination is for society to accept that you have a drinking a problem. 636 more words


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AA Without a Higher Power

As an atheist, my first foray into AA’s rooms was not one of interest, but one of desperation.  After exploring avenues of virtual support, I decided I needed some face-to-face accountability.  1,006 more words


Step 3: Self-willed and Controlling? Who...Me?

I am Irish and German (red-headed and hard-headed). I was a first-born child, trained to seek independence and winning. I was born on the fourth of July–a real firecracker! 527 more words


Dispatches from Addiction and Recovery #7

Disclaimer (since it’s been a while): What follows in Dispatches from Addiction & Recovery are thoughts, voices, and journal entries from the collective, creative power I believe artists, writers, and musicians draw from. 636 more words

Creative Writing

Complicated World of Hopes!

I read three women-oriented books back to back in last three weeks, and each book explored the pros and cons of hope in their own unique way. 449 more words


Pour One Out For Little Ol' Me

I’ve been drinking since I was two years old. I remember it so clearly. Watching the cowboys at the the small town Texas rodeo, I slipped behind everyone on the bleachers and stole sips (or gulps) of beer from all of their cups. 580 more words