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F is for Fri-yay

Friday….It used to be a time to cash that check and head back to a bar stool. This time is going to be different I’d say to myself. 182 more words


1179. The clink of bottles

Nora heard the clink of bottles hitting each other as her husband walked up the drive having done the grocery shopping. He would first go into the garage before coming into the house, and then when the grocery bags were emptied there wasn’t a bottle in sight. 135 more words


5 Warning Signs your Depression May Actually be Burn-Out

…and how Bad Habits may be Making it Worse

You’ve done everything right: worked hard for long hours, accumulated cultural artifacts of success, and made your family proud. 724 more words

Modeling Tips

My Uncle and His Fatal Battle with Alcohol. By PC Louise Ramshaw

My uncle was a really good looking man when he was young. I have pictures of him and he has the brightest blue eyes. By the time the drink really took hold, the whites of his eyes had turned bright yellow and his skin was yellow too. 788 more words


A Tragic Waste. By Anonymous

When I first passed my driving test nearly 30 years ago, I was ridiculed by the majority of my family for NOT drinking and driving ‘everyone does it and a couple of drinks don’t hurt’. 130 more words


Maybe we are the normies?

Tonight’s adventure brought me and some friends to an out of town recovery meeting, The meeting was great!!! Hearing different addicts/alcoholics points are always like a breath of fresh air in the recovery world. 298 more words


A Friendship Didn't Work Out

Last month, I started hanging out with someone who I met at a coffee social. We both liked to read, and spent some of our time together simply reading next to each other. 102 more words