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How I got here. Part 2.

So I was finally on my own.  At 19, I had my own apartment, I could come and go as I pleased.

I missed my family but never wanted to admit it.   630 more words


You Are Not Alone

During the recovery process, I have found it immensely helpful to connect with other adult children of alcoholics. They don’t have the exact same experiences or life story that you do, and that’s okay. 638 more words


Tired, Frustrated and Just Plain Fed Up

So it’s one of many nights that I have stayed up till the crack of dawn due to this bipolar bullshit and this crap I call a life. 519 more words


The 12 Steps and Biblical Principles

The Twelve Steps ( 12 Steps ) and Biblical Principles
As used in Christian Rehab Centers for Christian 12 Step Recovery

STEP ONE is about recognizing our brokenness… 560 more words


Deny, deny, deny....

We had finally gotten the pool closed and we were now in October. My mom’s pain went from bad, to worse, to completely unbearable. I had been urging her for weeks to call a neurologist or to have her primary care physician refer her to a specialist but she kept insisting it was just sciatica and there was nothing more they could do. 2,583 more words

Still Sober

I just logged on to subscribe to a blog and saw I haven’t posted in forever~  I am well & still sober.  Just wanted to check in.   26 more words


Adulting all over the place

This weekend something happened that triggered me massively. I was in a state of panic fight or flight and just wanted to drink. Instead I went into the shed (the shed where I used to sneak drinks) and I breathed. 77 more words