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March 4, 2015 (this day)

The weather has been kind of relentless and the people in this part of the world are sick of it!  I didn’t make it to the Thursday meeting last week and I probably won’t tomorrow, either, because of snow and ice and snow and freezing rain and snow and cold and snow.  183 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

Gall Bladder


Hippocrates, unable incise the living because he had no anesthesia, performed autopsies on the dead.

A young man killed during a chariot race.  Hippocrates discovered his gallbladder contained golden, yellow bile… considered normal for a healthy young male.   874 more words


February 24th, 2015, a day that will live in infamy

When it comes to the drug they call pot
What is it good for? It’s not.
But they were quick on the draw
To pass a new law…
584 more words

Being A Doctor

What's the Scariest Thing You Could Do?

Saturday was my sobriety birthday. I turned eight. Sobriety birthdays are an interesting time. As anyone who has celebrated one knows, it’s a time of reflection. 622 more words


The Other Scarlet Letter "A"

“Yeah, but am I REALLY an alcoholic?” “MUST I take on this label?” Those are the questions we wrestle with, especially the “high-functioning” types among us, right? 971 more words


Leave Me Alone

When you have the opportunity to be alone, take it. Being alone gives us the chance to just sit with ourselves and see if we’re happy with that. 492 more words

Quality Of Life


There’s something about
The lake.

Something about
Crossing the state line

It’s cleansing.

49 days
Into my new life

And I finally
Feel peace.

I will always be… 182 more words