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Hope for the Heavy Drinker

Quote by me.

I’m here on the same mountaintop where I got sober over a year ago. The sun is rising, and I can hear the wind whispering in the trees. 460 more words

What is my duty in recovery?

The newcomer is the most important person in any meeting, as we can only keep what we have by giving it away.

That said, what is my duty as an AA member? 191 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous


We arrive at the airport and our flight is delayed. I’d already come down from my blunt high and I’m now anxious and irritated. I hate flying. 531 more words


I like to think that instead of being born an alcoholic or addict, I was born a seeker. This makes much more sense to me in the grander scheme of things. 170 more words


Why to keep trying

I cannot emphasize enough the value of keep on going. Life in recovery is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is harder than giving my only child up for adoption. 253 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

Respect, far will get you.

Finding loopholes.

I’m working the loopholes more than ever. I decided to post my study notes to the blog, and I hope they will be useful to others. 317 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

Hope Dealer

I am a Hope Dealer! Number 499!  Plus P Productions sent me a Hope Dealer chip in exchange for my story.  They are doing a very cool thing by giving a face to addiction and showing the world that we do recover.   2,439 more words