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Enneagram - 9 LEVEL for TYPE 8

& I want to protect the ‘weak’

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.) 642 more words


Guest Post: Sober and Marijuana-Free

Today’s guest author is Lisa W., an inspiring woman who has been a part of my recovery journey for more than 10 years! She has always been supportive and encouraging to those seeking to get clean and/or sober, and very honest about her own struggles as well as achievements as she travels the road to happy destiny. 934 more words


Battlefield of the Mind

If AA is a spiritual kindergarten then I am a child with learning difficulties and a severe case of A.D.D. Abandoning myself to a Higher Power, shockingly, does not come easily to me. 445 more words

What is an Alcoholic? What is Alcoholism?

I am not sure if everyone would agree upon just one answer to this question. What I have learned is this, an alcoholic is the person and alcoholism is their disease! 933 more words


Let it go, or suffer the consequences

In my last post I mentioned that my husband lost his job a few weeks back.  I panicked and freaked out and wanted to drink that night…briefly.   1,408 more words


Gratitude in action

“Without action, my gratitude is just a pleasant emotion.” ~ Daily Reflections

It’s all very well feeling fluffy and positive inside, but if I keep it to myself, selfishly hoarding my treasure, I am not practising the twelfth step. 176 more words

Seventh Tradition: Part Deux

I am getting married next winter. With this marriage comes this feeling of quiet exhaling, of a tremendous weight off my shoulders as I no longer have to traverse this scary world alone. 603 more words

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