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Sobriety and Loneliness

As discussed elsewhere, I no longer drink alcohol.  While this has helped with some goals that are important to me (health and living frugally), it has led to loneliness at times.  303 more words

Feelings of guilt

Why oh why am I feeling guilty?

I have had two very short phone calls with Faith over the last few days.

He is sober, how I wish I could feel excited and happy about this. 718 more words


Less contact and a period of calm for me, but it doesn't take away the worry

Well it hasn’t been exactly no contact over the last few days but it has been minimal and I have refused to be drawn into their dramas. 372 more words


First draft of life

Not really. But for that anthology I’m hoping to contribute  to. I have no idea if it’s what they are after. A lot of it comes from what I’ve written on here and writing it felt like plagiarizing myself!! 3,935 more words

Day 4

Day 4 of not knowing how Faith is doing.

How I wish it was him counting. Day 4 of being sober.

I have sent a message today.   107 more words


A quiet day, no madness, it nearly feels normal

When I woke, I called Faith. Yes I know, I know I said I was stepping back, and I am. But he called me in the early hours, I didn’t answer but he left a message which I listened to this morning. 232 more words


A continuation of the madness and chaos, but enough is enough

After my last post “exhausted with chaos” things have been calmer. It has been wonderful to talk to my sober son, it feels like I have him back again, but I know it’s only temporary as he is doing none of the things he needs to do to stay sober. 892 more words