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The Joy of Being Sober

So I have been a high school English teacher for 24 years. I used to absolutely dread Parent/Teacher conferences. I would have major anxiety several days before as a diatribe would be running through my head: “What if someone is mad?”; ” What if I say the wrong thing?”;”What if their kid has said something that causes a conflict?”. 598 more words

I'm just lost and broken

I don’t know how to find the energy and strength to carry on.

I’m struggling, really struggling. I feel so very alone. The support for family’s of alcoholics in this area is pathetic. 315 more words


FAMILY...the word, brings so many emotions

I’ve just looked back on my last post and realised I obviously didn’t proof read it! But it was sent from the heart, I just typed, it was what I was thinking. 760 more words



I used to be a pretty social person.  Kind of grew up a nerd, but things broke loose in my 20s and I became very outgoing, particularly when fueled by alcohol.  260 more words

Traditional Drunk

Traditional drunk

Wretched and sorry; blank stare

Last one; I promise

Gosh, there were so many times I cried that it was my ‘last one.’ And I meant it every time I said it, for sure. 236 more words

Darlene Steelman

I want to go to the top of a mountain and just scream

I’ve not been here for a while.Ii have had a wonderful 10 day holiday, when I have chilled, relaxed and just for a few hours forgotten. 217 more words