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Unspoken Words

These are the conversations that only happen in my head.  I wish they could be said out loud but when you have an undeclared alcoholic there just doesn’t seem to be a point.  494 more words


Call me when you're sober.

Just cause I love this song and it’s title and it’s lyrics.  And it is fun to say “Evanescence”.


It is what is.....

The worst is not knowing who you are. Am I what I have become because of the alcohol and the affair?  Or am I who I used to be?  81 more words


Dear Mother, I Forgive You

I never forgave my mother for her alcoholism. Through my childhood and adult years, I didn’t understand why she drank. I thought she was pathetic and weak. 759 more words


Deliverance from Long-Term Alcoholism -- A True Singapore Story

One Sunday afternoon after church, I received an urgent phone call from a 60-year-old lady from my church.

“Please come over my home,” she pleaded. “My husband, Thomas (real name withheld), has been lying motionless on the floor since I left for church this morning, and I don’t know what to do.” 1,019 more words

Extraordinary Experiences

Smashed: The Movie

The movie, Smashed, is a about a young Los Angeles couple, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her husband Charlie (Aaron Paul), and their loving relationship in which they both love booze as much as each other, or more. 240 more words

Staying in the moment, always learning

I love being a student.

I’m spending time this week in a 2 day math workshop. I’m really enjoying the shift in roles. Thinking about why I do what I do in the classroom is good for my students. 149 more words