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Adulting - Try Life on for Size.

There’s only so much therapy a gal can take before she wakes up one day and realizes, “Ya know, I’m okay.” I’m there today. I’ve been through the wringer this past year, including daily therapy almost everyday for 6 months. 558 more words


Last Call - Occupied Minds & Invincible Hearts

I know why I stayed at the dive bar down the street until last call, despite my better judgement. And by last call, I mean five months too long, not hours. 881 more words


Contagious - The Glow of Happy

Happiness has a glow all its own, it’s radiant and looks good on absolutely everyone. I experimented with a boudoir photoshoot in February for the man who broke my heart. 397 more words


Humility & Slack

Okay, so I’ve had a change of heart for my IOP. I really need to practice a lot of humility through this and remind myself that they are indeed the professionals. 363 more words


Trampling the Spirit...

I’m a great film fan. I’ll watch anything once, but my favourite films tend to drag me back for more than a few viewings.

I’ve had Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” on my shelf for some time now and finally got around to watching it this week. 384 more words


Sterile Recovery? My Bar Stool's Lookin' Pretty Good In Comparison.

Recovery should be dynamic, transformative, explorative, powerful, positive and creative. Maybe that’s why I can’t wrap AA around my noggin. We are in treatment to not only recover, but to experience and participate in the fullness of sober living. 867 more words


What do you mean, Opiates?

Poppy Junkie, here. Only me. Only person I know who would eat poppy seed buns, roast poppy seeds for salad toppings and shake them out of her bra after a day of slaving over the stove (my boobs are a shelf – they catch strays) ….  339 more words