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Thankful Thursday...31 Days...A Glimpse Into Our Everyday Life...Day 8

There have been many times this year I’ve had to stop and consciously choose to be thankful.

To be thankful for happy moments, big and even small miracles, and surprise gifts is easy. 274 more words


What Teapots and Birkenstocks Mean After 120 Days Sober

In less than 6 months, I will be turning 50.  For the first time in 30 years, I will celebrate sober.  A little over halfway through the journey, sometimes I feel regret that I waited so long to discover inner peace but also many days I feel upset that I can’t party like a rock star anymore!   373 more words


Mind Games: The Altering Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

The next time you say, “One more drink won’t hurt”, think again!

Researchers have now found the possible mechanism behind alcoholism and it might very well lie in that “one more” possibly harmless drink that you have. 418 more words


Ask Me Why I'm An Alcoholic

I have cleansed the taste if you from my tongue. Not with the saliva of another, no -I have washed it with the staunch taste of liquor; as strong as our passion, as bitter as our parting. 337 more words



One addiction after another eh. I gave up chocolate/baked stuff for Lent once. Just for fun – to see if I could do it. Since then I haven’t had much of a sweet tooth. 94 more words


The Deepest Sobriety

There are these moments that come every so often where I fall on my knees in a sort of tender, tearful reverence to the fact that I am sober and free from the hell of alcoholism. 2,220 more words


If you have a alcohol use disorder, please check into Acamprosate (Campral)

Got a call a few days ago from an irate loved one of someone to whom I referred Acamprosate. She said, “Why would you recommend a drug when he has a problem with Addiction, are you crazy? 246 more words