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It’s hard not to get swallowed up by the insanity of it all.

When life gets crazy and people get crazy, I just need to stayed firmly grounded in my center. 167 more words


My Grievance with France (And the If... Then Substantiation)

Just kidding.

I have no grievance with France whatsoever. France is great. It just so happens to be one of my favorite places in the history of Places Amy Has Been. 503 more words

5 Gifts of Living Sober

This past Sunday, I logged into AA Grapevine and entered my Sobriety Date to check the number of days I have been sober.  It’s just way of measuring success, I guess, like weighing oneself on a scale to stay motivated during a diet.   1,081 more words

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body: An Infographic from addiction blog.org

Can alcohol really harm me?


The consumption of daily amounts of alcohol over a prolonged period of time can significantly take its toll on your physical health and damage the organs. 253 more words


Choosing Gratitude

I’m so excited to be sharing a blog hop with y’all today! As some of you know, I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of Kristen Welch’s (We are THAT family) new book launch team for #RaisingGratefulKids and some of us have joined up to put all of our thoughts on gratefulness in to one huge blog hop so you can “hop” from one blog to the next. 1,145 more words

Keep On Truckin'..........Part 9

So in 1983 my world imploded just the tiniest bit. We had been living in the same town in central NJ for about 5 years. Some years were better than others but it was the longest stretch I had lived anywhere in my 15 years so it felt like home. 385 more words