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Truth Behind 11/27/12 Is Revealed...

Why did it happen to me?

All year I tried harder to be a better person, but there are ALWAYS obstacles in front of me! 553 more words

Inner Healing

Four Years and Some Change

November 7 marked four years of sobriety for me. That’s pretty incredible for someone who lived an almost daily life of drinking. The days I wasn’t drinking were spent obsessing over how to moderate (quitting wasn’t an option in my mind), how to be a better person, how to nurse my hangover, how I was a victim my whole life, how if people around me would just change they might see I was worthwhile. 916 more words


No Guts, No Glory

When he drank, my husband became an overwhelming monstrosity. One drink was one too many, ten never enough. The more I tried to be supportive, the more he was in denial, declaring, “I can quit anytime I want.” 663 more words


The Whatchamacallit Wasn't Worth It #MeToo

When I started this blog nearly four years ago, I was adamant that shame did not define me- at least not any longer. A large reason for my drinking was to cover up the guilt and shame of my many wrongdoings; ironically, every time I drank, I created more layers. 988 more words


Shoes and Sobriety

In an effort to look at the little things sobriety offers each of us, I decided to think about choices I have now that I didn’t think I had before.  209 more words


Grey Life

Left, right, up, down

In, out, over, under

Here, there, stop, go

North, south, east, west

Drunk, sober, young, old

Good, evil, dead, alive

Black, white. 45 more words

The Joy of Being Sober

So I have been a high school English teacher for 24 years. I used to absolutely dread Parent/Teacher conferences. I would have major anxiety several days before as a diatribe would be running through my head: “What if someone is mad?”; ” What if I say the wrong thing?”;”What if their kid has said something that causes a conflict?”. 598 more words