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Argh. Lost in the sea of Wordpress

Just looking for help on how to effectively search for other blogs on various subjects. Right now really hoping to find other blogs of people like me – living with an alcoholic/addict that focuses on the ups and downs that go with that. 8 more words


Not a Love Story:Part II

I knew something was off with him. Besides all the messed up shit that had happened to him in his life. I have my own baggage, baggage doesn’t bother me. 399 more words


Feeling Stuck, Lost and Alone

The interesting thing that inspired me to use a blog to look for support is that my alcoholic husband does.  And, when he’s on the wagon so to speak he seems to really get something out of it. 658 more words



I am finding that caffeine is now my enemy. The more I drink, the saltier I become. The saltier I become, the more I want to raid my father’s wine closet. Deep breaths.


Sticking Up.

A post I wrote a couple of years back has been making the rounds again, and has brought with it a bunch more followers.

I always get a little nervous when this happens, like I’m being thought of as this Sobriety Guru, like a wizened Yoda-type sitting on a lily pad doling out sagacious tidbits about not drinking, when really I’m just another clown on the bus trying to stay on board. 726 more words


All in the Family

Family has been on my mind lately.  I have had to move back in with my parents because of all the struggles of relapse and bipolar flare ups and such that have occurred over the last several months.   403 more words

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Five-Minute Friday {free}

Linking up with the gracious Kate Motaung, host of the weekly free-writing prompt known as Five-Minute Friday. Stop by and join this group of lovelies. 212 more words