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I’ve had many SMH moments this year. I’m pretty open about having Bipolar and Alcoholism, mostly because I see the potential in the disorder and I see beauty in continued recovery from a disease. 967 more words


Pickled Through the Process.

Ya know, I’m really not one to advocate for or glorify antipsychotic medication. Most people know that about me by now. I’ve been burnt badly, as many of us living with mental illness have. 617 more words


The Boys of Summer

To the man who referred to us as “we”,

Last straws cut you to the bone as I spelled out “you” and “me”.

To the man who expected favors in the return for one small lift that day, 318 more words


Last Call

I know why I stayed at the dive bar down the street until last call, despite my better judgement. And by last call, I mean 5 months too long … not hours. 589 more words


Reality & Recovery. It's a Full-Time Job.

Sometimes I wonder where I’d be if I slipped passed the grip of police, tore up my 302 and had taken the train that day back in November. 631 more words


Booze 1, Jen 0

  Today I wake up with 19 days of sobriety. Not very exciting when you’ve woken up to 19 days a handful of times. It’s at least a start and I’m doing something about it. 356 more words


Alcoholism #3

This continues my story with alcoholism.  Post #1 here: https://starandlotus.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/alcoholism-1/

Post #2 here:                                  https://starandlotus.wordpress.com/2016/08/04/alcoholism-2/

By now it had become apparent that I could no longer keep alcohol where I lived.  402 more words