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Progress not Perfection

Although I know for sure I had to come off the trail to fix my spinal strength and balance issue, it’s still a bit heart wrenching. 185 more words



So, I was inspired by the voice of my friend in my head, yes I hear voices sometimes, telling me that I sound like an emo. 1,114 more words


Newburyport, MA : 11yrs

The neighbor boy likes you!

He thinks you’re really pretty!

You should go over and talk with him!

No boys ever thought I was pretty. 1,714 more words


Chief of Sinners though I Be ..Christ Has FORGIVEN Me

In our humanness and fallen nature we can get lost and try to find ourselves in the bottom of a wine bottle, washing it down with our last-chance pharmaceutical recovery kit. 819 more words

So Much Duckweed

According to legend, the Chinese sage Liu Ling was at all times followed by a servant carrying a wine bottle and a shovel. The purpose of the wine is obvious; Liu Ling liked to drink. 470 more words

Pale Lager


I don’t think I have every quite expressed my hate towards alcohol. There are many reasons why this topic is at the forefront of my mind right now and therefore it is a perfect opportunity to talk about it. 555 more words


feather your nest.

This morning before I opened my eyes, I attempted engaging in a conversation with my liver.

Me, inside my head: Hey, Liver, how ya feeling? Eight days and no booze. 336 more words