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Egan: From the barroom to the bar, lawyer retires to fight cancer

Gerry White is a recovering alcoholic who became a lawyer at age 50. Closed the bar, called to the bar, works behind bars — he’s heard all the drunk-becomes-lawyer chirps. 861 more words

Local News

Good, so far.

I don’t have time today to post much, because I had an interview and some errands, but I am still sober. It’s day 2, but I own this bitch!


What Keeps Me Sober

That’s what keeps me sober. Its a painful reminder, and its impossible to forget. The side view look a lot worse but I don’t have a picture of that on my computer. 312 more words

Treatment Update

Today I am 79 days sober! I’m still in treatment but I graduated the program on Monday but I am living in the facility still because I lost my apartment because I had to quit my job due to my mental health problems. 32 more words

Bottle of Bacardi Carta Negra 40% alcohol. No mention of alcohol, no health warning, no call for restraint.


Xanax & India

Withdrawal is never good; withdrawal is especially detestable when it’s medically unsupervised in a foreign country. This was a lesson that I had to learn the hard way as I found myself feeling like Alice in Wonderland after she eats the cake marked “Eat Me” and suddenly becomes a disproportionate giant; monstrous yet fragile. 2,992 more words


Goodbye my Princess

My cat, Lilly, has been going downhill for a couple months now. She wouldn’t really eat anything, eventually stopped eating all together, and subsequently lost a bunch of weight. 617 more words