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Down in the Dumps

I don’t usually dwell publicly on negative feelings or events. Instead I tend to bottle it up and drink my way through it. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks and now I’m going to allow myself to moan about it. 42 more words

Train Bound West (33)

Holly’s head bobbed from side to side with the rhythm of her story. Glazing over her childhood and collegiate exploits, she narrated her marriage, her divorce, and the laid back life she had carved out for herself as an associate profession of photography at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. 530 more words


Why People with PTSD Get Monster Hangovers

I remember reading Seventeenth Summer when I was in grade school. I was so excited at the thought of being a teenager, going to high school and dating boys. 809 more words


It All Happened Young

The taste of a night ill-spent lingers upon my tongue

Mustard greens would be required to remove anything

From the whiskey that stains my breath. 23 more words

Seeds of faith

Daily Reflections – August 4


Faith, to be sure, is necessary, but faith alone can avail nothing. We can have faith, yet keep God out of our lives. 124 more words


Music and Recovery

It’s well known that music has certain therapeutic properties. A song can influence your mood, calm you down, or provoke excitement. The therapeutic effects of music are generally accepted, but many are not aware of the extent to which this can be utilised to combat a number of social issues. 904 more words