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No, I can't cut back on my drinking.

The stigma that comes with getting sober can be very overwhelming at times. Overwhelming because a lot of people do not understand you. In an era where unlimited information is at our fingertips some people still refuse to learn about something they know nothing about. 902 more words


Hidden positives 

Now that we have moved I have a forty minute drive to get the kids to school every morning. I thought it would be a horrible inconvenience, but it’s turned out to be a positive. 84 more words


Day 40

After going to bed at 1.10AM this morning and falling asleep a short time later, I’m up at six am, go to pee, and then come and snooze for another 30 minutes.¬† 1,257 more words

Work Day


I’m actually really riled up now on the topic above. I’m not really vetting this post, seriously I just need to get my thoughts out so please pardon me, my language, and any disorganization in thoughts. 1,011 more words

"The Two Most Important Days ...

in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”¬† Mark Twain

So – this is really interesting.¬† Right now, we’re working on discovering our life purpose.¬† 502 more words


Be Better.

“Be better every day.”

That’s what I tell myself. ¬†I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions or picking up a new habit that will start next week. ¬† 433 more words