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I had a fair bit to drink last night. I certainly didn’t plan to. Here’s what happened, and what I learned from it.

Around 4 pm I got to thinking about a friend of mine (who am I kidding — a drinking buddy actually) whom I haven’t seen in over a week. 432 more words


A dip in mood

That low feeling was back today, and it’s easy to see why. I was looking forward to getting to my regular Saturday meeting, but when I got there I wanted to be anywhere but. 880 more words


Triggers, and not the kind on facebook

We all have them, you know, triggers, things that are guaranteed to make you behave in a specific way.

Kid cries, you check on the kid, husband reaches for your hand, you take his. 548 more words

Death and recovery

Ok, lets talk about something that you better learn to accept if you want to come out this thing on the other side.


Addiction is a nasty business, people in pain turn to a substance to provide relief, this pain could be emotional, or physical, valid, or imagined. 941 more words

Life With My Mother- Kindra M. Austin

I love her to the point of madness, my mother, a paradox wrapped in sun-kissed paper flesh. To embrace her is to hold an armful of hollow bones; the shell of a woman short-lived. 1,211 more words


Ok, today im just flat out pissed, another friend went back out (relapsed) in a bad way, another one is not answering my texts, and wasn’t doing so hot, and a third just checked back into rehab. 568 more words

Sober October #34

She knew I was home by the trail of vomit that started at the front door and lead to the bedroom where I slept had passed out. 1,574 more words