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Pop Songstress Elaine Blake debuts new song ‘The Back Door Man’

Booze? Cosmopolitan.

Nottingham native Elaine Blake is a dynamic gospel and soul singer with a passion for pop is set to unveil her new single ‘The Backdoor Man’ early next year. 237 more words


#CurrentlyLoving: ACE Passion (Apple Spark)

You know that period that when you enter a store, you always pick a particular item yea? Well, I usually have one of those hence I am introducing a new category tagged #CurrentlyLoving covering all drinks I am enjoying. 161 more words


The Emperor's New Apparel

Back in the mid ‘90s I witnessed first hand the explosion in ‘alcopops’ …. or were they ‘flavoured alcoholic beverages’ (FABs)? Or even, as they were more widely known globally, RTDs, (“ready to drink”) – an odd name given that (a) it is way to close to STD and (b) most alcoholic drink products already were / are ready to drink. 595 more words


Cocktail Lollies

Whoever said ice lollies were just for children, obviously never thought about cocktail lollies, or alcopops if you will. We may have swapped school days for work days, and long summer breaks for “long” weekends but one thing that will never change is that adults need ice lollies too! 378 more words

Ice Lollies

"Manly" and "Girly" things.

Welcome back.

Today we’re talking about gender, but in a way that you’re probably not expecting or may not have even thought of before. We live in a world where certain items are pointlessly attached or labelled for specific genders and I think it’s ridiculous, so let’s discuss some below! 557 more words


Shannon K - ‘Lose Control’



Composed by Matt Knight and Andy Whitmore, with lyrics from the excellent Rosie Penn, the single is a feel-good treat, capturing the spirit and freedom of the upcoming summer months. 177 more words

New Single

Franklin Lake ‘Supersonic’ four track EP



Franklin Lake have also been working with some of the finest producers in the world on remixes of their tracks, tinkering with the arrangements to shape them into ready-made pop and club hits. 254 more words

New Music