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Japan, a Place for Relaxation and Soothing Comfort

Take a break. Enjoy a change of pace. Focus on tranquility. Interact with nature and spirit…

Japanese culture has developed ways to refresh the mind and body through relaxation and soothing comfort. 510 more words

Cracked Windsheilds

This series (of which there are many more) was shot at an old car breakers yard here in New Zealand. There are literally thousands of wrecks ranging from old Ford Models with wooden spokes in the wheels (Model T?) to more recent wrecks. 27 more words


The Guardsman: Making of /Part 8 “feeling the heat”

Part 8 “feeling the heat”

The sauna was very cramped. Guardsman sat next to guardsman on the hot benches. As the instructors poured water on the hot stones, their bodies began to glistening with sweat and condensed steam. 2,359 more words

The Transporter

“Hi I’m Tim.
I work as a transporter with TranCo. You might ask what a transporter does.
That is fairly simple. We transport things. Not big things, like washings machines or cars, but small and nimble things like data on USB Sticks, medication, money or documents. 1,321 more words

Weekend Warriors

Another weekend of two person work! Woo! This weekend marks the last of the paneling we need to do(so far as we can tell)! The main paneling left was the twin shelves over the bathroom and closet doors, an unexpected detail we added in when working out how to panel that area. 74 more words


Get the Basics Right : Choosing the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

When it comes to designing bedrooms, beds and wardrobes take up a chunk of your (mind) space. Especially wardrobes because they are completely utilitarian and are answers to your storage woes. 564 more words

The Happy Accident

Here we are at Part 3 of Erica’s house.  Do you feel like we’re all BFFs now?!

A while back, Erica and her husband, Joe, refinished a beautiful pie chest/cabinet that belonged to Joe’s grandmother (pictured in the BEFORE photo below – it’s sitting in the alcove with the “Y” collection above it). 863 more words