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ALDE: al 3-lea seminar Recuperand Liberalismul , dreptate economica.

La 4 septembrie, in Bruxelles, liberali din toata Europa vor fi impreuna pentru al 3-lea seminar Recuperand Liberalismul – pentru a discuta politici liberale pentru dreptate economica, seminar organizat de ALDE. 102 more words


Chiar si cand actualul partid ALDE era doar “prietenii dlui Tariceanu”, adica un grup inimos de liberali autentici, adica de la bun inceput, situarea sa electorala a fost deasupra pragului parlamentar, un pic peste 6%. 97 more words

Let's Talk About Greece Shall We?

It seems like Greece has reached a deal with its creditors. Very hard negotiations preceded this agreement. Greece even voted in a referendum against the hard demands of Brussels. 1,974 more words


Fording the Ore

My main objective in this trip to East Anglia was inaccessible by car.  I needed to be ferried across the water, and interesting water at that.   253 more words


A Liberal Response to the Digital Revolution

Technology is driving the European recovery, but if the EU is to remain globally competitive it needs to educate more of its labour force in relevant skills or allow in talent from elsewhere. 230 more words

Europe Day in Oslo

Norway is not a member of the European Union, though as a member of the EEA, they have to obey European single market laws without having any imput into their formulation. 240 more words

A day in the life of an MEP: Philippe de Backer

Philippe de Backer is a Member of the European Parliament for Open VLD, and is part of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE). 675 more words