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Shakespeare's Love Child

Shakespeare goes into his local, walks up to the bar and orders a pint. ‘No chance’ the landlord says. ‘Why not? says Will.  The landlord shakes his head, ‘I’ve told you, your bard.’……………yes that was pretty awful, I’m sorry. 1,311 more words

Alderley Edge

The Myth of the Wizard: Alderley Edge

Article and photographs: Senem Peace

Sometimes the closest ones are the furthest! Have your ever kept saying to yourself that you’re going to visit “that” place, which is just a few hours from your home? 646 more words


Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England

Rockery Cottage barn (Jacobean), 17th century

Simply called ‘The Cottage’ (Georgian), 18th century

Ryleys Farm barns (Jacobethan), 1802

Franklyn Lodge (Tudor Gothic revival), 1850

Abandoned cottage (Georgian) … 193 more words


A Welsh Dreaming? People, Place and the Past in the Mabinogion

One thing that was on my mind a lot this last summer is the Mabinogion – specifically the fourth branch, “Math ap Mathonwy”. For those of you wondering what these unfamiliar words mean, the… 3,007 more words

The Wizard's Well, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Alderley Edge is full of stories. They lead you on, they turn you around, they catch on your clothes. Every path has a hidden bend and beyond each of these leaf-littered, sandstone-edged turnings is a story: a stolen cow, a weeping woman, a circle of witches or a sleeping knight. 505 more words


450 - 458: The Lakes

450 – Wednesday 17th August 2016:  Up to the Lakes – Eventually

I took Oscar to the vet for his Rabies jab … he gave a non-manly, wimpy yelp.   2,508 more words

UK Tour 2016

Brunch in... Alderley Edge

There are so many places that offer brunch these days that it is often hard to choose which one is the best to go to. My Instagram feed consists mainly of food places and pictures of food so I usually refer to this feed as inspiration of where to go, as well as my trusty friend Trip. 427 more words