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Way Out of My Comfort Zone--Twice in One Day

I promise you I actually planned to post last night. The only problem was I had no internet connection for most of the day yesterday and most of the day today. 620 more words

A Sneak Preview, A Recital, and a Departure

So, I guess another blog entry fell by the wayside. This month, if I only have time to write a thousand words before I pass out, it’s going to be on my NaNo novel, not on my blog. 890 more words

Grocery Shopping Surprise ....

Apologies in advance. This post may come off sounding like an advertisement – and it kinda is – but there’s more to it for me …… 403 more words

Homeless advocates seek justice for man kicked out of Murfreesboro ALDI

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man, who homeless advocates say is mentally ill, was kicked out of a Murfreesboro store and arrested for trespassing.

Ronald Joseph Beard, 25, known as Joe to his friends, was arrested October 22 by Murfreesboro police for criminal trespassing at the ALDI store on Robert Rose Drive. 505 more words


Ode To Those Toes

To the toes that crushed the grapes

Upon that first day

To those that tasted juice upon ferment

To wine in all its – thank you, fuck, it’s Friday – 9 more words


Aldi Has Removed Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Colors, And MSG From Its Stores

For restaurants and packaged food brands, the current hot trend is eliminating additives and ingredients that the public has come to see as unhealthy or unnecessary. 74 more words


Ibotta Checkout

I started using Ibotta. I’m still up in the air about it…not sure how I like it. I’ve gotten about $2 back on it, but the problem is I don’t really shop at grocery stores other than Aldi’s and Ibotta isn’t connected with Aldi’s. 61 more words