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A Wonderful Weekend

My weekends typically start at noon on Fridays after working a 4 hour shift at work (I work 9 hour days the rest of the week). 1,621 more words


New Aldi's at JoAnn Plaza

I went to check out the new Aldi’s in JoAnn Plaza off of Coldwater Road near Coliseum tonight after work.  It opened a month or so ago. 147 more words



Hi I’m Nicole and welcome to my blog! I’m 23 and working my way towards financial freedom. I have decided to create a blog mostly for accountability and hopefully I can show you how not living pay check to pay check IS a possibility, even when you are low income like myself. 191 more words


Meal Prep Like Woah

Just ordered these bad boys after making the decision to commit to healthier eating habits. There are some days where I skip lunch or eat out. 64 more words


hhgregg Starts Its Implosion

To no one’s surprise, hhgregg (lower caps is intentional) announced on March 2nd (2017) the closure of a third of its stores across the country. I predicted this outcome about a year ago when I openly… 300 more words

Ben Ford

3 Takeaways about my visit to Aldi supermarket 

I finally pressed my left foot down onto the automatic doors of Aldis, I came away with 3 takeaways from the experience: price, blandness and efficiency. 291 more words

Snacky Treats Recently Taste Tested

I love it when friends give me new gf products to try.  This week I am sharing two treats that were gifts and three snacks I bought myself.  391 more words