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Elder Scrolls Online offers free-to-play Welcome Back Weekend

Elder Scrolls fans rejoice for a weekend of all-access RPG action! Bethesda‘s ESO MMO was officially released this time last year, and after a series of patches, bug fixes, and server updates the game will be free to play April 16-20. 326 more words


ESO - Grahtwood, Elden Root

The interior of Elden Root is really quite pretty. The lights sparkle, and there’s a faint smell of wood that lingers in the air. It feels festive all the time when you’re there. 28 more words


ESO - Malabal Tor Ruins

In Malabal Tor, there lies a ruin. Inside, these balls of light.


ESO - A wedding in Silvenar

The wedding between the Silvenar and the Green Lady is ceremonious, but without too much pomp. I have issues about them having to follow tradition like that. 36 more words


The First Server Festival In Retrospect

Two weeks ago, ESO Festivals hosted the first ever server-wide festival for Aldmeri faction mainly- NA server.

To plan the event, ESO Festivals found several guilds to sponsor events, donate prizes, and promote the event.   419 more words


First ESO Server Festival Tomorrow

Announcing the first event of its kind as far as anyone knows- an ESO Server Festival for the Aldmeri players.  This event is TOMORROW, Saturday, August 16th from 5pm eastern standard time to some time around 11pm or later. 103 more words


Complete Aldmeri Dominion 1-50 Power Leveling Guide

Complete level 1-50 grinding guide

Total time taken from 1-50 for me and Polaris was 22 hours 51 minutes playing time. I would recommend leveling in a pair and synergizing your skills with each other… 306 more words

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