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Steal My Style: First Of Fall

September is the more important month for fashion and in my opinion, the fall season presents the great fashion trends of the year. Naturally I am thrilled to have this season come around again so I can dive right in with fall outfits! 76 more words


Chunky Sweaters

I have a love/hate relationship with fall.

Half of me thinks, ‘I wasn’t built for this weather, give me
heat, salt water and anything above 25 degrees- 225 more words


Vancouver's Campfire Capital Brings in New Investors: John Montalbano and BDC Capital

Very cool news has emerged from Vancouver. A new venture capital firm has captured the attention of the finance community.

As the Globe and Mail reports: 84 more words

Fall Alter Ego

Fall Alter Ego, the story of four men expressing whom they are through their styles. Trends are not supposed to be complicated and something that scares you. 299 more words


Nail Down Your Perfect Sunday Brunch Look With These Must-Have Accessories

We all kinda wait for weekend right? Literally after a looongg week at work who does not want some peace and relaxation? And you all lovely queens, you deserve a calm and fun weekend. 580 more words

Fashion Deals

Back in G e r m a n y

Hello people! Well haven’t been posting for a century now, I guess :D But things are about to change. There has actually been many different reasons for my s****y blogging… I really enjoy doing all the stuff for my blog but I feel that my ideas haven’t been that creative lately and my motivation was somewhere away. 331 more words