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Desi Fusion: Eid 2018 outfit

Hey guys, long time no see… which is mostly my fault and I will definitely explain my absences in another post but, EID MUBARAK. Eid is definitely my favorite holiday of the year not only because I get eidi ( free money for being me) but I get to spend the entire day surrounded by friends and family. 801 more words


Summer Dresses

Summer air, summer hair & summer dresses! 244 more words


B/W with Color

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The idea of black and white for the night transforms into something brighter

Pairing a bodysuit with a skirt will give you a more fitted look than what many clothes in the market can offer – it is ideal, if like me, you have love to always be bold with your outfit choices. 241 more words



Hi everyone!!!

Welcome back to my blog Surreal Serene <3 today’s a special one because it will be an outfit post but will also be a little talk about life… and I don’t know how to word this post but  I thought I’d just go with the flow & talk a bit, and obviously share an outfit…. 499 more words



I’m not a Fashion Nova hater, but I’ll start by saying: I’m not a fan of the very basic way most “Nova Babes” wear Fashion Nova! 193 more words


Appealing Satchels

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When satchels turn to color to look memorably beautiful

The nerdy vibe attached to a satchel isn’t always correct because carrying a satchel around doesn’t necessarily mean that you must be of a studious mind frame. 288 more words


Currently Crushing On: Aldo Under $100

I took a peak at some of the new arrivals at Aldo this morning because they are having a BOGO 40% off sale on footwear.  And they have some really cute stuff – great casual everyday flats and some really nice heels.  227 more words