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Receiving the Evcharist: Malsumis and Angel City Brewing's Oolong Saison

Welcome back brethren. It’s been a great week for music, but I hope you’ve got room to jam some more.  Tonight’s program is going to be a good one, I promise, so let’s get into it already.   410 more words

Daily Heresy

Vintage Swizzle Sticks Ballantine Beer Ale Foam Scraper

Vintage Swizzle Sticks Ballantine Beer Ale Foam Scraper
This Is A Vintage Barware Swizzle Sticks Ballantine Beer Ale Foam Scrapper. Great For Any Collector.MEASURES Approx. 6 3/4" X 5 1/4" (AT BASE)..6 1/2" High (TOP OF BLUE CUP). 35 more words


Nomad Supersonic DIPA

Total Score: 7.2/10 

Back in the Double IPA saddle with this latest Nomad: Supersonic DIPA. Warning: Native finger limes were harmed during the brewing of this beer. 465 more words

Sample Series - Trading Post Brewing Starts A Bold New Bomber Bottle Program

Gavin Hamilton, a Scotsman who began his career as an apprentice clerk for the Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Langley, apparently shot and killed not one, but three bears with a double barrel shotgun on a canoe trip while hunting for wild ducks. 1,433 more words

Craft Beer

Brouhaha Brewery Double IPA

Total Score: 8.1/10

As you all know by now my style yardstick for a new brewery (if they have one) is the venerable Double IPA. As a style it is eminently easy to get wrong, it’s the beer equivalent of a train wreck when it falls to pieces. 419 more words

Mornington Peninsula #tinnage008 Brain Squeeze Hoppy Sour

Total Score: 6.3/10

Well it’s been a while since the Mornington Peninsula brewery pooped out a little can of #tinnage joy – last one was #tinnage007 Mosaic IPA which I reviewed in October last year (wasn’t a huge fan of that one actually… Mornington’s IPAs really are hit and miss – they need to stick with dark/brown beers and leave the IPAs to Pirate Life). 364 more words

Doctor’s Orders Electrolyte Serum Rhubarb Wheat Gose

Total Score: 5.9/10

Doctor’s Orders, haven’t tried them before even though it sounds like the brewery was named after me: Doc. It isn’t though, my brewery name (when I open my own brewery) will be DöcBräu™ – and I will only be producing Ales, no Lagers thank you (too much effort IMO). 403 more words