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Exit Brewing #016 Scotch Ale

Total Score: 7.15/10

Wait, I thought #002 was Exit’s Scotch Ale? … I’m confused… what I’m not confused about however is buying and drinking yet another awes-wellSchopshwasn’tgreat-ome brew from those purveyors of numbered beers: Exit. 410 more words

Green Beacon The Whaler Blood Orange IPA

Total Score: 8.2/10

Top blokes (and lasses) those Green Beaconers… beaconites? Beacongians? I’ll go with beaconers. Anyway I’ve been reasonably impressed with everything they’ve brewed thus far – there’s been no weak links AFAIC – although I’m yet to try Half Mast which is a Session IPA, and we all know how much I love Session IPAs (they are anathema to me). 409 more words

Morrisons "The Best" - Davidstow Cheddar and Black Sheep Ale Macaroni Rarebit - review

The weekly shop. A chance to replenish the stores from another week of gluttony. Mostly I cook ahead, freezing extra portions for those parts of the month where things are a bit leaner or work a little busier, meaning our shopping list is carefully crafted and containing only what is actually needed. 427 more words

Sand Pike Stout and Cow Scottish Ale

Note: This was a blog post I wrote about Sand Pike Stout and Cow Scottish Ale from Doc Z’s in Montana.

(Editor’s note: This is a column about the different experiences I have in Wolf Point.) 597 more words


Hop Shot by BrewDog ABV: 20%

Another BrewDog beer for me! Their frequent email updates to my mailbox make it all too easy for me to choose my next drink. I really respect this brewery – I often head to my local bar whenever I hear of a new brew that I would like to try. 584 more words

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Frosty’s here early

To bring seasonal tidings

Or to chill the ale

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