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ALEC's Corporate Influence on State Legislatures (Video)

 Lest we forget . . . Exposing ALEC’s corporate influence on state legislatures and laws. Arizona’s NBC 12 and CMD.

Phoenix Arizona’s NBC affiliate KPNX hosted the Center for Media and Democracy’s Executive Director Lisa Graves on the December 6 episode of Sunday Square Off to expose the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) effort to push corporate backed model legislation in state legislatures. 49 more words

Corporate Empire

Myra Blackmon: Georgia's "Opportunity School District" is a Hoax That Will Privatize Public Schools

Myra Blackmon is one of the most astute commentators on education in Georgia. She writes often for AthensOnline. In this column,she takes issue with the advocates for an “Opportunity School District,” which is on the ballot on November 8. 374 more words

Charter Schools

Alec's Story - Blurb & Sneak Peek

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Alec’s Story – Book III of the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series


Half-shifter, half-vampire, Alec doesn’t really fit in with either species. 1,480 more words

Dogs Bats & Monkeys Series

Koch-Republicans Want the National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary to Be Its Last

Mt. Rushmore with Koch logo super-imposed on photo


The federal government’s landholdings and control of water could be better used for ranching, mining or forestry through private ownership. 1,105 more words

U.S. Politics

Dominion executive speaks up on climate change. That turns out to be a bad thing.

In guest blogger Seth Heald’s last post here, he discussed the strange fact that top executives at Dominion Power don’t talk about climate disruption, even though it is a major driver of the tectonic shifts underway in the nation’s power sector. 2,769 more words


Dora Taylor: Snuffing Out Democracy with Mayoral Control and Emergency Managers

Dora Taylor, parent activist in Seattle, describes that city’s battle to prevent the mayor from taking control of the public schools. She notes that the reason for mayoral control is to avoid the messy business of democracy, where parents and ordinary citizens get the opportunity to influence decisions about their schools and their children. 708 more words

Education Industry

Sexting, the wedding and the cheese

Sexy Bumble chat with Alec.

My beautiful friend’s beautiful wedding.

Eating all the cheese