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Shadowhunters Epi. 4 Walkthrough

Another week, another Shadowhunters Episode. Let’s get cracking and see what crazyness awaits us this this!


Recently on Shadowhunters – VAAAAMPS. VAAAMPS EVERYWHERRRE.

Wow. Really bad ‘I’m having a nightmare’ acting. 596 more words

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25 January 2016

Today I took a picture of some weariness.


Shadowhunters Epi.3 Walkthrough

Here we go again with Episode 3 of the brand new Shadowhunters TV series live review.

It’s less of a review and more or less me just screaming or cheering at the screen and plotting down my tangent thoughts as I tumble through the episode and all of it’s surprises. 435 more words

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Shadowhunters Epi. 2 Walkthrough

Today I’ll be live reviewing/writing episode 2 of the glorious new Shadowhunters TV series. My opinions are my own and hey, hopefully you’ll get a kick out of reading this. 855 more words

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Ed Berger: The Robber Barons of Arizona

Edward F. Berger is a champion for children and public schools in Arizona. He writes in this essay that the state is controlled by a tiny claque of very wealthy people who want to starve the public sector. 745 more words

Education Reform

It's competence vs. crazy in the 2016 SOS race

Nora Espinoza (R-Roswell) is running for Secretary of State.

You read that right.

The same woman who wants to legalize discrimination, ban Mexican-American history books… 338 more words


Why Does the GOP Want to End Local Control?

Lyndsey Layton has a terrific article in today’s Washington Post about the move by GOP governors to end local control when it suits them. They like to say that they are “saving” people or children. 209 more words

Education Reform