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We Can Only Wish that Politicians Would Learn a Lesson from Sam Brownback's Failed Tax Cutting

It’s budget season. At the federal level, Congress will soon consider the President’s proposed 2018 budget. And many states are up against a June 30th deadline: the end of Fiscal Year 2017 and the deadline for approving a new budget. 1,401 more words

Equity & Opportunity To Learn

The Boat: When Alec Meets Mrs. Montgomery

“I really like that top. What’s it called?” Awaiting Cassie’s reply, Alec reaches across the table and places his hand underneath the elastic forming the low, plunging neck line of her top. 519 more words


The Interrogatophobia of Betsy DeVos - Or, The Secretary's Kryptonite

Interrogatophobia – (noun)

  1. The fear of being asked a straightforward question

This post is not to dissect the various times that Betsy DeVos has appeared before a congressional committee to comment on her impending confirmation or her policies for protecting all students under the umbrella of civil rights. 952 more words

Public Education

In Her Element: US Ed Sec Betsy DeVos to be ALEC Guest Speaker

On June 06, 2017, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) announced that US secretary of education Betsy DeVos will an ALEC featured speaker at its Denver conference in July 2017: 1,253 more words

Common Core

Jim DeMint Joins The Convention of States Project

By Fredreka Schouten Via USA Today –
WASHINGTON – Former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint, ousted last month as head of the Heritage Foundation think tank, is joining a fast-growing, conservative movement that is pushing states to seek a constitutional convention to rein in federal spending and power.

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Article V Convention Of States

Haiku Duet, Sheep In The Statehouse

“Iowa mugged its – public employees because – the Kochs told them to”

“Koch Brothers pull the – strings of their puppets in the – Iowa Statehouse” 10 more words


Selling Back to the Public What It Already Owned: "Public-Private Partnership" Shark Bait

I find myself increasingly encountering the term, “public-private partnership.”

Today, I read two articles centered on this idea, both of which concerned Vice President Mike Pence– and one that concerned Pence’s role in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 1,419 more words