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Breaking News: #RedForEd Beats Koch Brothers in Arizona, Voucher Referendum Moves Forward!

The Koch Brothers have bankrolled an effort to derail a referendum on voucher expansion this November. It lost in the courts, and their next ploy was to have the legislature repeal the law that was under challenge, then re-enact it under a new name, wearing down the opposition. 77 more words

Education Reform

Arizona: State Must Spend $2 Billion to Rebuild Its Schools

A new report assessed the needs of Arizona’s schools and concluded that the state must spend an additional $2 Billion to upgrade its schools. 

Arizona ranks 49th in the nation for teachers’ salariesand dead last for per-pupil spending. 147 more words


Jan Resseger: Teachers Protest the ALEC-Inspired Tax Cuts in Arizona and Colorado

Arizona and Colorado adopted ALEC-inspired tax-cutting policies, writes Jan Resseger. Their chief victim was public schools and teachers. This was intentional, not an accidental consequence. 553 more words

Education Reform

Politico: Why Some States Can’t Raise Taxes to Pay for Schools

Politico explains why some states can’t raise taxes to pay for education and other public services. Conservative Republicans, obeying their puppet masters at ALEC (funded by the Koch brother, the DeVos family, and major corporations) persuaded voters to change the laws to require a supermajority for any tax increases. 421 more words

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