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Frankenstein's Monster's Wild Ride 2: Return of the Beast/Ride Harder

The Monster is a beast created from the remains of those who had already passed. His legs, his chest, his arms… His brain. Why is it that he does not remember anything from his past life when he becomes awakened? 328 more words


From One Leviathan to Another: The Transfer of Consciousness and Country

In James Cameron’s ‘Avatar,’ the main character Jake Sully, for sake of time, leaves the world of man behind and joins the cause of the Na’vi, an alien race (to us, at least) that are fighting off the militant threat to defend their home world. 248 more words


Frankenstein's Monster's Wild Ride

The gift of language is something that has fascinated man from the very beginning. If you raised a child without ever uttering a word, what would the natural language of the baby be? 296 more words


Air 1792432: Oh Dear God, Help Me Please

When it comes to creation of the arts, Government takes it upon themselves to limit the creators so that peace can be set still through the society. 290 more words


Blogging Anxiety Out the Ass and How I Worked That Out

After reviewing my blogs, I have come to the conclusion that I have very little idea of what the heck I am doing. From what I’ve seen, I try to write in a manner that tries to look more educated than I was at that moment. 284 more words

Blog Reflection Day #1 (10/12)

Dune Buggy Rodeo (Placeholder)

In “The Meeting of the Wild Animals,” we see the said wild animals try to decide on how long winter should last, and ultimately listening to the wisdom of the porcupine and his wisdom. 221 more words

American Indian Myths And Legends (10/12)

Gulliver's Travels Examined as Fanfiction, and How Details can Make or Break A Story

As explained by Catherine “Cat” Pumbaya, with a Stature less than average, Hair as dark as a Raven in flight at Night, with a Laugh that I cannot Describe (for I have not Heard it), in the Tale of Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver takes a more in Depth Approach to the Explanation of Details that would otherwise seem insignificant to the Reader’s Interest. 405 more words