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Haus of Horrors

First news on American Horror Story’s fifth season has broke today; with the news that Lady Gaga will star in the show.

You could say in many ways that this is a perfect fit given some of her bizarre music videos (see Alejandro) and erratic dress sense (meat dress anyone?). 170 more words

second challenge 2/25/15. Suarez

Well I can say i have failed this challenge. There was times throughout the week where I’d sit down and read a couple hours which at 1st id consider as achieving our second challenge but then it clicked that i was actually indoors where the temperature was controlled. 83 more words

Challenge #2

Asimov's Foundation: Senseis in Space

Another giant for another day… Meet Asimov- the master of hard science fiction.  Biochemist by trade and sci fi lover by passion. An avid reader of the pulps and a guru of all things atomic. 400 more words


Los mejores mensajes de los Oscar

Los Oscars dominaron los mensajes sociales hacia el público. Patricia Arquette fue la primera de la noche en emitir un discurso ante los millones de espectadores que sintonizaron la gala del permio Oscar. 150 more words


Brittany Dier's blog

Interviewer: What is your name?

Alejandro: Alejandro

Interviewer:What grade are you in?

Alejandro: 17.

Interviewer: Do you like Briggs?

Alejandro: No

Interviewer: Do you have any hobbies? 8 more words


Boyce Avenue, Be Somebody (Live in Singapore 2015 Review)

Fans of Boyce Avenue was treated to a full headline tour in support of their newest EP Speed Limit. This wasn’t the band first visit to our shore; they were here in 2013 for Music Matters and their first headline show in November. 298 more words


Week 6-February 22. Suarez

Ok i will try my best to get these 250 word blog in but do take in mind it was a short week now. haha. But this week has been ok. 267 more words

Week 6 - Feb 22