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Day #37 Filling In Time 

Only one day left until the holidays! I can almost hear you all cheering. (I’m sorry if it isn’t the holidays for you?!) I’m looking forward to the relaxing and recharging of batteries before the final push for exams. 74 more words


An unusual experience

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to get stuck in a school classroom.

Well today I finally got to find out (well it was yesterday but I didn’t get chance to blog about it yesterday). 411 more words

Long time, no post...

Hello blogging world. It honestly feels quite surreal that I am once again typing like the good ol’ days of nail blogging.

I don’t want to start a 1000 word waffle but I feel like I should somehow explain my three month absence from blogging. 540 more words

Failing a test, and failing miserably.

I – failed a test. I haven’t gotten the results yet, but there’s nothing to mark if I haven’t written anything.

So today, I took a physics “topical” test. 325 more words



I’ve been spending a lot of time studying recently and I will continue to until my exams in the summer; I find it can be such a bore to revise and motivation can be hard to find. 264 more words

My top tips on revision :)

Heyy peeps…

I know its been 2 months since I updated, and I’m not very good at keeping promises of updating, but oh well! Thanks so much for all the views though (which honestly helps me to post haha). 605 more words

Sanity in your workspace

Perhaps you are 17/18 and beginning to start revision for those daunting exams coming up in the next 2 months. If so, keep reading I may be able help. 420 more words