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Grace so glorious

I just realised that I never blogged my results.
So here I am.
I recieved my A level results in early march.
I really didn’t expect much because I did the paper and I pretty much knew that was not gonna be amazing. 350 more words

My First Ever Blog

I’ve never had a blog before, it’s all very new and exciting for me. Actually, that’s almost a lie, since Tumblr accounts count as blogs, but I’ve never really done any blogging there, I mostly just liked things, so this is my official first blog if you don’t count my Tumblr (which you really shouldn’t). 450 more words


Silly Season Musings

Now is the summer of discontented students getting over-stressed and under-appreciated.

My main message to my students is this; yes, revise but no, don’t get too stressed. 1,887 more words

Surviving Law Exams ...

It’s 2 am and I am nervous as fuck.

My first ever law school exam is taking place in exactly 5 days and 8 hours. 348 more words



Now I’ve never been one for revising, at GCSE I literally did none. But I did alright, so I suppose I’m lucky in that respect and then in my first year of college I planned to start an apprenticeship so again I did zero revision as I didn’t care. 170 more words

A Good 48 Hours

Hey guys!

I’ve ranted on and on about how I’m struggling with French because I was crazy enough to take it to AS level, and then even  682 more words


Exams and Birthdays

I just want to vent how stressful, annoying and inconvenient having a birthday in May/June can be. Im an A-level student who turns 18 in May, am I going to do something for it? 63 more words