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So University.. I’ve grown up in world where it’s expected that you go to university. Both my parents went to a very good university and have gone on to have good and successful careers. 194 more words


From deaths door to As level completion!

Okay, so this time last year was horrific for me. Absolutely horrific. I was in the depths of my illnesses, I have recently left one treatment centre, only to be 11 days away from my second admission. 213 more words


I'm back...well, sort of!

Hello there!

Exams have been over for a while, but this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down with my computer to update you on how things went. 82 more words


I saw this today on instagram and just thought i would remind people that when things go wrong it could be to lead to something else. 315 more words

Hello, me again.

I started this blog at a very bad time, 5 months before now… Just as my exam life was really getting serious. You know in my last blog how I said I was nearly 17? 176 more words


tuition-free university foundation programs leading to a BS.c

Do you desire quality education for your children as well as relevant work experience attained before completion of their university education? Contact us now for admissions to… 15 more words


Identity Crisis

                I’m furious.So,let me just apologies beforehand if I offend you with my language.

Why am I furious? Well,currently I’m doing my second year of Alevels and plan to attend a reputed University next year so I took the liberty of checking what some of the Universities required from their applicants,especially in US.You know, college essay, interests etc (things other than your grades).During that process I stumbled upon an interview of  a person (cant remember his name) who was on the selection committee of the Stanford University.He went to great lengths to make it clear that only your grades DO NOT guarantee your admission in such universities,its your hobbies.Things you like,things that you love to do when you are not busy cramming everything on those books.That’s when I figured that I was effed.Our education system effed us up. 455 more words