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The webcomic and studying analogy

Just like their stand-up counterpart, many webcomics tend to exploit their audience niche by purposefully being profoundly crude and unfunny. Although note that humour which is slick enough to be amusing can never be distasteful. 896 more words


Day 5 - My Proudest Moment (30 Day Blogging Challenge)

I’m hoping my ultimate proudest moment hasn’t happened yet, as I’m hoping this will be either graduating from my BA, future Msc or will be a day where I’m proud of a person that I’ve made and pushed out. 203 more words

30 Day Blogging Challenge

The End of the Tunnel

Rites of passage: we’ve had a few recently. First, my younger child reached sixteen years of age. My older child is preparing for university. Last week, my naughty little sister reached a significant birthday (although she will always be nine years old to me). 997 more words

Random Thoughts

Why I pay my son to revise for his exams

OK some of you may have seen the article in the Mail Online this week about me paying my son to revise. I have offered him £7 a day, to do an hour of Maths at the dining table, not in his room.   907 more words

Exam Season: Sushi On My Mind

Three papers down, seven more to go. Got Biology and Chemistry Paper 2 out of the way as well as Pure Maths last week. Psychology Paper 1 just ended today. 454 more words

Getting Into Veterinary School

Ever since I watched my Shetland pony getting castrated, I have been facinated by the world of veterinary medicine.  I have always had an interest in medicine itself, but from my childhood experiences, I knew I wanted to relate my career choice to animals. 578 more words


Hi i'm Britt and I procrastinate.

What should i revise?

Hey there, so its been a while. Partly because it’s been ridiculously busy with exams and Christmas and partly because my phone broke and I havent been able to log in on my new phone, maybe a little laziness in there too. 515 more words