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Is Self-Care a Necessity?

Hi there,

To answer the question in the title, YES, self-care is such a necessity! It’s so important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day. 735 more words


Life at 6 Form...

39 days to gooooo!! So excited to leave 6 form and hopefully go university, plus I am certainly not going to endure ALevels ever again. I have had some great memories, but it has been extremely stressful! 163 more words

Procrastinating my way through ALevels

I have literally done nothing for days and my first exam is verrrrryyy soon. I have actually lost all motivation to do anything and it’s so annoying that it is happening this close to exams. 178 more words

Ways to deal with exam stress

As exam season will be approaching soon I want to share with you ways on how I coped with stress. I also want to educate you on what stress is and what it can do to you physically and mentally. 540 more words

Hitchhikers guide to planning for 2019

As we approach the last stretch of this academic year, planning for the next academic year may be under way (don’t frown!) even if only mentally. 866 more words

How are YOU feeling?

Today, I was talking to my friend where we began to talk about our chosen A-levels. [if you don’t know what they are, they are essentially the qualifications after GCSEs that get you into university. 133 more words


Choosing A Level Subjects

The two years after year 11 are probably the most important two years of your life, so it’s important to work as hard as you possibly can as it determines your entry into university, further education or future jobs. 383 more words