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Michelle, Where Have You Been? & Results Day.

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts. I know, this has become a reoccurrence, but I’ve been extremely busy! For starters, towards the beginning of Summer, post exams, I was constantly worrying on how terrible my exams went. 711 more words

Adapting to changes

So a few weeks ago I got my A Level results and although I am proud of my grades, they just weren’t as good as what everyone had expected. 74 more words


Reflecting Exam Results with a Syrian Disaster.

Original piece: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/17/this-picture-of-a-wounded-syrian-boy-captures-just-a-fragment-of/

Above is a picture that I became familiar with the night before A-Level results day.  This was a big day for me, because I needed to get certain grades to get into university.   272 more words


Friday 26/08/16

Quick update:

I know I haven’t posted anything for quite a while, but that’s because I haven’t really known what to write. “Why are you writing now then?”, you may be wandering. 151 more words

Grave Grades Require True Grit

Hooray! The dreaded exam period is over! The uni students know if they’ve passed their year, the A-Level students finally have some peace of mind and the GCSE students are planning their next course of action. 628 more words


A-level Results

Wow. I actually did it. I passed my German A-level despite guessing half the verbs in the gap fill and despite there being a question about underage quarry miners. 464 more words

Starting University, your go to guide

University is one of the most exciting things to get into! New studies, new friends, a new place to explore!

Here is a few do’s & dont’s I’ve learnt from being in first year… 685 more words

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