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Day Six - 20/11

New week new tasks! I decided that over the weekends, I wouldn’t blog what research or activities I did as school work can really vary. This weekend was proof and I had way t much math, sad times. 308 more words


How to cope with exam stress: My A level experience

For those who have taken their A levels or who are currently studying them. I’m not going to sugar coat it. A levels were hell for me. 1,113 more words

Revision Tips and Tricks

I thought I would write a post about revision, considering my exams begin at the beginning of January I suspect many university students are in the same situation. 549 more words


How To Survive A-Levels

Woow, I can really say that time goes quickly, it was just this year that I had finished my A Levels and I had collected my results and now I’m in Uni! 1,058 more words

Day Three - 17/11

Where to start with data collection. First of all, analysing the data takes a unbelievable amount of time. Then then filtering through whats necessary is a pain. 266 more words


Day Two - 16/11/17

Hi again,

So today hasn’t been the most active, but its early days and the research process is so much slower than I anticipated. Although I’m sure many designers just produce sketches and drawings when they have ideas,  as a student we can’t complete that creative process until the course work is done. 187 more words


where i am

Hello beautiful people,

My life so far has been pretty uneventful; happy times, heartbreaks, losing friends, making new ones, some amazing experiences and a fantastic family. 356 more words