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Daily Prompt: Overworked

The sharp intake of breath that indicates shock and the acute widening of the eyes that tells of surprise were not the features of Elizabeth’s countenance as she swiftly pulled the sheet of paper that represented the accumulation of the past 2 years of her life. 590 more words


School Update

Hi guys,

I am in my final year of compulsory education (this is Year 13 in England but 12th grade in the US so I am a senior!!). 319 more words


January Rambling 

Today, I thought I would update you on my school life and my life in general. Mainly because I have no other blog post ideas, but also because I want to write down everything that is in my head at the moment. 623 more words


Update on my life

So, I realised that I have not written here in so long, almost a year now. Quite a bit has happened. I did my A levels and so over the summer I went on a trip by myself (kinda). 858 more words

Art trip to Madrid.

In in the October half term the year 12 art and photography students went on a trip to Madrid for four days.

Everyone had a great time on the trip and wish it could of been for longer. 103 more words

BLOG. 04

BLOG. 04 – Educational aspirations 2017

It’s the big year: A-levels. Included in my new year’s resolutions list was the point to devote myself to A-levels. 148 more words

The completion of high school

Formally, my high school is completed now. That took me two and a half years and 15 papers. Now I can, without hesitation, mention that I am a high school graduate and now I can also, without any confusion, apply to the colleges that I have shortlist. 377 more words

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