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Well its exam time...

Honestly I’ve always been completely useless at exams, dunno what it is or if i just think I’m more clever than what I actually am or whatever, but they’ve always been my biggest downfall. 800 more words


Foundation Week 13

December 5th-6th

We only had a day and a half in the studio this week, so my tutor dedicated it to a resin and throwing clay pottery work shops. 273 more words

New Start of Life

Hey Guys,

Guess who left sixth form???? That’s right, me. If you read my second to last post, you would know that I got myself in a to a very big metaphorical hole. 489 more words


Studyblr and bullet journaling

A few days ago, I made the decision to create a ‘studyblr’/’studygram’ blog on the social media site ‘Instagram’. I did this as my relationship with studying, I feel, is faltering. 358 more words

You've got an addiction and you don't even know it 

As it’s coming close to exam season I practically live in the library now ☹️☹️ gotta admit though, I love the library (wow look at what revision has done to me). 261 more words


How to A Levels: H2 Mathematics

For most, studying Math means just practicing through brute force until something just clicks in your head. The most fundamental part about studying is learning about how to navigate and make sense of the content that you are given. 1,061 more words




So, this is weird. I’m sitting here on my laptop at 23.01 on the 1st April 2017. The thoughts going through my head right now are slightly daunting but I’ll retain those for later posts. 212 more words