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Expectation is the root of all heartache: Freshers day 2

It’s safe to say – thing’s haven’t gotten better since yesterday.

Feeling out of place, surrounded by your peers in a workshop isn’t a nice feeling, though everyone else probably felt the same (not that I talked to most of them, bit awkward really). 320 more words


For the students you failed.

For every child with a scientific mind and brand new ideas that are only deemed worthy if their English skills are strong,

For every young artist who thinks they have no talent because the exam boards care more about how well they know Picasso’s background than their artistic flare, 150 more words


Choosing the right job.

As most of you will know, since graduating in July 2016, I’m still looking for a graduate job. As this becomes a topic of conversation amongst friends and family, they often question me ‘why are you still unemployed? 461 more words

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Freshers Week (at St. Andrews)

So the big week finally arrived… and went, just like that. I have just completed my first seven days at the university of St. Andrews, and here’s what I have to say about it… 823 more words


Hello First Year

Welcome to university, and sincere congratulations on getting here. Yes a lot of people are at university, but that doesn’t mean you getting here is any less of an accomplishment. 1,408 more words



If you live in Britain, you will know that we all had to go back to school, whether that is primary, secondary or in my case Sixth Form. 225 more words

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are A Levels right for you?

Since finishing my two years studying A Levels it has become apparent that most schools encourage them more than any other education path. This has led to some students I know to take A Levels without being fully educated on whether they are the right option for them, and has resulted in them not doing well in them and having to re-sit or follow another path of education. 469 more words