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Using GoConqr for your revision

Good evening all!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to my followers and viewers who continue to offer support and advice with my blog. 736 more words


"Life is Hard When Your 17."

I think that may be one of the most middle class, stereotypical first world teenage statements I’ve ever made. It’s also pretty true.. you know. For my middle class, first world life. 512 more words

Teenage Life

Can't Be Arsed

As implied, I can no longer be arsed with the stress that life seems to be piling on top of me right now, but I… 886 more words

Deciding whether University is for you!

Carrying on education is a big thing, especially if you’re unsure of your next steps in life. If you’re sick of being in education for the last 18 years then maybe it isn’t for you, going to University means you’ll be dedicated to a three, four or five year course. 495 more words


Shit Shit and Slightly less shit.

Dear Friends,

I don’t really know how to feel.

I feel like everything is a bit mixed up at the moment, and I don’t really have any control over any aspects of my life. 714 more words

My first post!

Welcome to my blog!

Blogging has been something I’ve wanted to do for AGES, I’ve been put off for ages in fears that no one would read it but then I just thought f*** it, I might aswell just go for it! 139 more words

Surviving A levels

My jump to A levels wasn’t as smooth as I had expected. I didn’t think it could possibly be as demanding as ab-day or leg-day. I knew that it would be challenging; I knew exactly how challenging it would be, but I convinced myself that I was ready to put my armour on and battle through it. 268 more words