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How to Survive 6th Form!

Hey guys!

In January last year I wrote a post about surviving 6th Form/College/A-levels. Seeing as I am quickly approaching the end of my 6th Form days (4 weeks and 4 days to be precise) I thought I would re-visit this topic, as I have had another year to understand how students should really survive during this intense period of time. 779 more words


What to take to university

A-level students are currently sitting their final summer exams to see whether or not they will meet the entry grades for their chosen first choice university. 380 more words


Exam Stress and Blowing Bubbles

Do you, like me, get so worried about exams that you just don’t know what it is that you don’t know any more? I’m at the point where the guilt is setting in, and I feel like I should be revising in every second of the day. 1,397 more words

What criteria you should use when choosing your university


How close or how far from your home should be a big factor. If you are close you can go home easily and the prices are not as expensive to travel, whereas if you are far away you need to book well in advance. 365 more words


Midnight Post

Hey guys,

It is currently 00:00 and I’m in bed but I’m not asleep. Obviously. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post. *DUH*

My next exam is this Thursday, so I’m feeling a little less stressed because it is one of my AS retakes and although it is important, it’s not an A2 exam which is higher up on my priorities. 1,128 more words


As busy as a bee

Exam season is here, therefore this means almost every teenager I know running around stressing about exams!

I just want to be able to publish blog posts however with exam prep and revision but also work on top there is no time at the moment! 8 more words

First blog post and finishing 2 A Levels

Decided to start a blog to document BIG things (probably also small, uninteresting things too) that are happening in my life! Kind of like an online diary that I can look back on and see what I was doing at this point in my life. 273 more words