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All About My ALevels 

I know that for Year 11s the time is coming up to choose your ALevel subjects and begin revising for your GCSEs. I thought I’d write a post about my Alevels, how and why I chose them and all of that. 762 more words

Dear Self

Dear Self,

As easy as it is to say, you need to get your head back in the game. You’ve played the same game before, with GCSE’s. 120 more words


In this post I am going to confront something, something which has been lingering for a month or so and haven’t fully accepted. In the UK 60% of people who experience depression will relapse, and on this occasion the effects of the depression will be much worse than the first. 1,600 more words

I am trying something new!

On Sunday (05/02/17) I decided that I needed some motivation to study. This is mainly because I had received my latest Politics Mock results and got a D. 143 more words



So this post, although a bit overdue, is going to be reminiscing on the last year.

Overall I think that 2016 was a bit of a dodgy year for everyone, especially in regards to politics. 947 more words


Fun Fact #1 Climate Change

Students who love to do topics on environment, you can take a look at the next few series on climate change and global warming examples. For the rest, perhaps taking a look at such figures, will incite you to do your part to make the Earth a more sustainable place for living. 80 more words

Animal rights is a futile pursuit. Discuss.

At this current moment, humans have difficulty even preserving humans rights, to ask us to fight for animal rights seem a too far distant dream. Also, it questions the credibility of our fight for animal rights since we are already exploiting the humans of our kind. 257 more words