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Those days when you're a wind up bird

I don’t know what happened to my life that the analogy of a man sitting at the bottom of a dry well for days has come to represent it perfectly. 1,103 more words


September, 2015


Long time no see so basically im doing a levels (insert applause here) yep just me and my four a levels..such fun rights..WRONG

I was never good at science or maths so me being the type of person I am I thought it would be a good idea to take sociology,  philosophy and ethics, English literature and history…sensing a theme yet…no well all of those subjects are essay based subjects which means every single day I have a minimum of three essays due in often the next day or the day after that…ok I may be exaggerating every so slightly but in all seriousness no number of gcses or ‘career/future’ talks with my teachers could have prepared me mentally or physically for the new work load I have. 455 more words


The Week that Changed my Life

Hey everyone! I know have been MIA for a little bit, but I’m hoping this article that I wrote will give you a bit more perspective!! 775 more words

A Little Something

A Little Help Please!

Yellowgiraffe280 kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award! :D But the only problem is…I don’t know how to find out how many followers different blogs have to nominate them :( How can I find out how many followers each blog has?

Forever asking questions,

~ Charlii xox

A Little Something


What’s happiness? Is happiness the same for us all? I know what makes me happy.

Forever a wonderer of the world,

~ Charlii xox

A Little Something

say like never say

I am studying for my ABRSM Grade 6 Music Theory exam now. I will be sitting for the paper next Saturday (3 Oct 2015).

It involves me fitting chords and bass notes to a random melody, composing a choir (SATB) score given only the bass notes and chords, composing 8 bars of music given a short melody as a starter, analysing a piano piece, sometimes with accompaniment (for tonal and structural characteristics, possible period, possible composer, interpreting decorations, identifying keys, intervals, chords, cadences and interpreting performance directions of two or more foreign languages), analysing an orchestra piece (includes transposing instruments playing on 3 or 4 different clefs, spotting patterns, identifying chords, intervals between instruments, interpreting performance directions of two or more foreign languages for different instruments). 44 more words


Choosing a Career is too Stressful!!!

Today was chilled until I started going through my UCAS application – I hate deciding my future I’m only 17 I feel too young to be going to uni next year. 219 more words