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Francis-Redmond Duo & Rotation Insurance

Jeff Francis is not having a great ST in 2015.  In 3.2 IP he’s given up 7 hits, 4 runs (all earned), and one ding’r.  At 34 yrs old, Francis is a depth veteran guy who has lots of ML rotation experience.   506 more words

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#5 Starter - A Case For Daniel Norris?

Don’t get me wrong, Daniel Norris has what it takes to be a quality starter in the Bigs, but should the Blue Jays consider him for the job out of this year’s ST? 628 more words

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OF Low-Risk Candidates

In response to the Saunders injury it’s evident the Blue Jays need one or two OF options should another injury occur during the season.  At this point Dalton Pompey and Kevin Pillar are the anticipated CF and LF respective options to open the season, with Michael Saunders to replace Pillar in LF pushing Pillar to the bench as 4th OF.   654 more words

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Folks, Forget Paplebon

No way Blue Jays buy Paplebon. At $13M this year and a vesting year for 2016 at the same amount makes him incredibly expensive. Don’t believe me? 186 more words

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Beckham Not An Option? Wha?

Another example of Blue Jays seemingly without a clue. Gordon Beckham was available for $2M for a single year. How is this known? Beckham is rejoining the White Sox for those very terms. 311 more words

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R.A. Dickey/Thole trade chip

I’m tapped into Blue Jays media outlets by geography and those media outlets today discussed R.A. Dickey (and by proxy Josh Thole) being moved prior to April 2015.   648 more words

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Is the Melky Cabrera rebound 'real'? (Yes!)

I am a daily listener to ESPN’s Fantasy Focus Baseball podcast. Along with the B.S. Report, Freakonomics Radio, and good ol’ Kanye West, it’s my regular soundtrack at the rec center while I rehab my knee. 1,016 more words

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